Subject: East Timor Press Review Dili, 26 November 2002

East Timor Press Review Dili, 26 November 2002

Incidents in Baucau Suara Timor Lorosae reported that Baucau District Police station was turned upside down by a mob of 100 youths from various youth organizations in Baucau. They were demanding the release of a colleague detained by police for attacking a police officer on Friday 15/11. At around 9.45am, the mob started walking towards the police station, obviously emotional, cursing police and beginning to throw stones. Military advisor L-7 was in a meeting with police in the station. He came out and calmed the mob down. However, moments later a group of youths came from the east and joined the mob and the attack began again, resulting in damage to the station and police vehicles. Police fired warning shots into the air, which only provoked the mob. At approximately 11am Task Force troops arrived firing more shots and the crowd dispersed. Before this at 8.45am, two police vehicles were stoned by a mob. As a result of the disturbance, roads were closed in the city of Baucau. One person was reportedly wounded by gunfire and is now in Baucau hospital, added the newspaper. STL also reported Lieutenant Colonel Falur as saying there are no longer any actual violence in Baucau. He said problems caused by clash with police and people from Kailara, Gariuai last week over illegal roadblocks and extortion of money, as well as the recruitment of ex-clandestine and veterans into the TL police force. He acknowledged issue of possible violence on 28 November, but said that it was made an issue by certain parties to scare people. Timor Post reported that 300 people were involved in the attack of Baucau police station and one of the wounded was a female officer. TP reported on a press conference held by Commissioner Martins who said the incident emerged due unhappiness with the recruitment process among those wishing to join the force. Martins informed that the protesters carried AR15 guns and machetes. He added the situation is now under control with the support of PKF stationed in that district. (STL, TP 26/11)

BAUCAU-REACTIONS The incident in Baucau demonstrated that the Timorese Government has an increasing difficulty to impose the authority of the State, stated RTP International, the state-owned Portuguese television station. The Portuguese news agency, Lusa heard Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri about the incidents. "The incidents were organized, but authorities will control this situation. I cannot say clearly who is behind all this but I see that systematic actions are taking place, always in the same sense, and in a uniform way. These actions are organized by a group or by several groups, which act in a coordinated way" he said. In Brussels, where is attending a joint EU-ACP meeting, Francisco Guterres, Speaker of the Parliament said: "This kind of event will tend to disappear as the National situation become more stable. They should not be given too much importance."

Indonesia assists the TL Ambassador in New York Timor-Leste’s mission at the UN New York last Saturday received aid in the form of 2 computers, a photocopy machine and a fax machine from the Indonesian mission at the UN. According to Jose Luis Guterres, TL’s Ambassador to the UN, it was a sign of brotherhood from the Indonesian government to help rebuild a good relationship. (STL 26/11)

PM Alkatiri asks for food assistance for districts To overcome the problem of food shortages PM Alkatiri yesterday (25/11) asked four departments to assist with food to the districts of Covalima, Lautém and Baucau. The department Agriculture, Internal Administration, Solidarity and General Works will provide food. (STL 26/11)

Leandro Isaac: “I’m perfectly safe” In an interview with STL on Monday, MP Leandro Isaac said he is perfectly safe in midst of rumours that there have been threats to his safety, that he was going to be arrested, or abducted. (STL 26/11)

Timor Gap Draft submitted to National Parliament PM Alkatiri submitted a draft agreement on administration of management of Timor Gap oil to National Parliament. Opposition, in particular UDT, Kota, PD, PSD, PNT and PST criticized the document as not having a strong legal basis, in particular in relation to international sea boundaries, including concerns regarding Australia’s withdrawal from the International Court. MP Eusebio Guterres also questioned the diversion of the pipeline to Darwin, not to Timor-Leste and the effect this would have on the economy, saying that the government was more concerned with foreign exchange coming in through taxes, rather than developing an oil industry. He recommended adding articles on the use of Timorese labour and on the split on profits between Australia and ET. (TP 26/11)

To Celebrate 28 November, CPD RDTL mobilises 400 vehicles Antonio Aitan Matak, General coordinator CPD RDTL said that at least 400 vehicles were being mobilised to bring people to Dili from all 13 districts to assist the celebration of Independence Day on 28 November. At least 400 people had been involved in the preparatory meeting and they were to return to their districts to mobilize others to attend a flag-raising ceremony in Democracy Field. (TP 26/11)

Two martial arts schools clash in Raikotu Sunday In the clash between two martial arts groups last Sunday in Raikotu-Comoro left a member of each groups wounded. (TP 24/11)

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