August 2003 

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Late August 2003

August 1 - 9
Army mulls action against SAS soldier
Dili Trial Leaves Bad Taste for Australian Investor
Batek Island Most Likely Belongs to Indonesia
UNIFEM Executive Director praises ‘spirit'
Thai MoU with E Timor set for signing
Makasti to send reconciliation team to ET
Jakarta bombing & military reform (NYT Editorial)
East Timor refugees reregistered
E Timorese ask New Zealanders to stay longer
Another side of Hiroshima

Which Law Applies - Portuguese or Indonesian
JSMP:The Court of appeal decision on the Applicable Subsidiary Law in Timor Leste (PDF) Also: Bahasa Indonesia, Portuguese
ABC: Legal System Faces Chaos
TL Parliament: Proposed Law on Applicable Law in East Timor (PDF)
JSMP: Special Panel Delivers its own Decision on the Applicable Law
JSMP: East Timor's Court of Appeal Renders Three Further Decisions Applying Portuguese Law
Prosecutor General files request with Supreme Court for declaration on which law applies
Old European tongue brings chaos to E. Timor

Appeals Court Decisions (english translations)

President Gusmão condemns Jakarta terror bombing
NTT demands compensations for Timor Gap, Pasir Island
Banker faces Timor court
Local police replace UN officers in Oecusse enclave
Indonesian occupation likened to Cambodian genocide
In Indonesia, Old Soldiers Never Die
Dili NGO criticizes 'poor results' of Brazilian aid programs
Women of Timor enlist aid of Oxfam
ZNET: Horta Explains...

Other Links (open in new window)

UN: Security Situation in Timor-Leste Quiet, Un Police Chief Says
UNDP: Timor-Leste strengthens parliament and the justice sector

USGOV: Supporting Human Rights and Democracy: The U.S. Record 2002-2003

ADB: Sixth Progress Report on East Timor
JSMP: Report on the Immigration and Asylum Law

Grameen Foundation USA: Mariana Paves a New Path

2004 United States-East Timor Scholarship Program Competition

24 Reports from East Timor (and Indonesia) Curt Gabrielson spent two years in East Timor working on science education, as well as observing various aspects of East Timor's reconstruction. Here are links to each of his 24 monthly newsletters.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Timor-Leste website (new official website)
Official Gazette of Government of East Timor

Kissinger Watch

IMET and Indonesia
House Colorado Delegation to Sec. Powell on IMET
U.S. cuts off funds to train Indon armed forces
U.S. Rewards Indonesian Military as Probe Continues
Papua Ambush Threatens US-Indonesia Ties- Minister [2 reports]
US-Jakarta ties hit rocky patch
Indonesian Military Can Do Without US Aid -Military Chief
Rep. Hefley on banning IMET

U.S. House: Foreign Ops. Bill and Report Language on E Timor and Indonesia
U.S. Senate: Indonesia and East Timor provisions in the Foreign Operations Appropriations bill passed by the Senate Appropriations Committee

Local Media Monitoring - August 8, 2003
Daily Media Review 8 August 2003
Local Media Monitoring - August 7, 2003
Daily Media Review 7 August 2003
Local Media Monitoring - August 6, 2003
Daily Media Review 5 August 2003
Local Media Monitoring - August 4, 2003
Daily Media Review 4 August 2003

Late August 2003
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