Subject: AN: Indonesia, E Timor Discuss Bilatu Shooting


December 16, 2003 7:14pm Antara

Atambua, E Nusa Tenggara, Dec 16 (ANTARA) - Indonesian and East Timorese security officials on Tuesday morning resumed their discussion on the shooting of former East Timorese citizen, Vegas Biliatu, at the Belu district police headquarters in Indonesia's East Nusa Tenggara province.

"The legal process of the case must be clear to avoid possible revenge from former East Timorese refugees, considering that it involved a member of the East Timor police," Belu Police chief, Adjunct Senior Commissioner Agus Nugroho, said here before the discussion.

The case has been discussed during a routine meeting of the Tactical Coordination Working Group (TCWG), which involves the Indonesian military and police, the UN Peacekeeping Force in East Timor, and the East Timor National Police.

Nugroho said relevant parties in Belu and the border areas between East Nusa Tenggara and East Timor do not understand the result of the legal process against the member of the East Timor police, who has been implicated in the shooting incident.

The case has already been discussed several times at the TCWG meeting both at the border areas and in Belu, but the result of East Timor's investigation remains unclear , said Nugroho.

Indonesian security officers meanwhile have expressed hope that they would get clear information from relevant parties in East Timor through the routine coordination meeting, to avoid suspicion and hostility among people living at the border.

"We hope the legal process would be clear, and when it is clear, former East Timorese refugees should remain patient so that the unexpected would not occur at the border areas in the future," he said.

He pointed out that former East Timorese refugees were disappointed as one of their friends was shot dead by an East Timorese security officer at the border.

This is considered a threat that could disturb border security, Nugroho said.

Hostilities due to such conditions, according to him, would likely end if the legal process against the member of the East Timor police runs well.


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