Subject: Local Media Monitoring - July 23, 2003



July 23, 2003


1. United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan has named a senior Malaysian officer as the new commander of peacekeeping forces of the UN Mission of Support in East Timor (UNMISET), a UN spokesman said on Tuesday. Lt. Gen. Khairuddin Mat Yusof will replace Maj. Gen. Huck Gim Tan of Singapore, who has been the UNMISET force commander since August of last year. General Khairuddin is expected to assume his duties on August 31. (UNMISET was established in May 2002 when East Timor, now officially known as Timor-Leste, gained its full independence. UNMISET, which includes about 3,800 peacekeeping troops, will finish its mission on May 20, next year.

2. The President of the Christian Democratic Party, Mr Antonio Ximenes, yesterday said that the Christian Democratic Party National Congress which was organized by the party's Vice President, Mr Jose Sereno is illegal, because the congress was held without notice and consent from the party's top leaders.

3. A member of the National Parliament from Fretilin, Mr Mario Ferreira, passed away yesterday morning. Mr Ferreira died at his home in Farol ? Dili. The body was transported to Ainaro District where the funeral ceremony will be held. Mr Ferreira died in his bed without any symptoms of illness. The Spokesperson for the People of Timor's Party, Mr Jacob Xavier, said that the body should be the subject of an autopsy to know the cause of dead.


1. The Deputy Commander of the former Falintil Resistance Region III, Mr Cornelio Gama, (L7) yesterday told reporters that he had handed his gun over to the Government in Aileu. Mr Gama made this statement in response to Major Maubuti's appeal to the Government to confiscate Mr Gama's fire arms.

2. The Director of the Timor-Leste's Power Authority, Mr Virgilio Guterres, yesterday told Timor Post that the Power Authority will introduce a new electricity meter box to the consumers. Mr Guterres said that the existing conventional meter box will be replaced by pre - paid digital meter box. Mr Guterres said the Power Authority has a stock of 10,000 pre - paid meter boxes to be distributed to consumers in Dili. The Power Authority has start replacing the pre - paid meter box in the areas of Caicoli, Audian, Mascarenhas and Pantai Kelapa.

3. The Minister of Justice, Mr Domingos Sarmento, yesterday said that law is paramount and every one should obey it, including Mr Mario Carrascalao. He said Mr Carrascalao should abide by the Law of Land and Property. (This is a continuation of a series of reports on Mr Mario Carrascalao's case whereby Mr Carrascalao is fighting what he says is an unfair eviction).

4. Timor Post also reported on the death Parliamentarian Mr Mario Ferreira from Fretilin.

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