Subject: Daily Media Review 3 June


Date: 06/03/2003 03:32PM Subject: Daily Media Review 3 June

Dili, June 03, 2003

Mariano Sabino: "Need For Land Reform"

MP Mariano Sabino (PD) defended on Monday in Dili a land reform in order to restore land ownership in the country. Attacking the illegal occupation of land, Sabino said that such act is based on feudalism and colonialism and that it should not happen nowadays. (TP)

Antonio Ximenes: "Baucau Residents Want the Government to Recognized All Combatants

David Alex and Mauhudu, two of the prominent figures during the resistance period disappeared in separate occasions in late 90s after being captured by the Indonesian army but their remains are unknown. "Everybody seems to be happy about independence, but have forgotten the whereabouts of independence fighters who passed away", said MP Antonio Ximenes (PDC) on Parliament on Monday, reported the media. Ximenes said that the government has the moral duty of finding the remains of the freedom fighters like David Ximienes, José da Costa also known as Mauhudo and others and give their remains a proper place. (TP, STL)

Indonesian Investigation Team Will Return for Further Investigation: Atabae Incident

The General Prosecutor of Timor-Leste's, Longuinhos Monteiro, said on Monday that the Indonesian investigation team on the Atabae incident would return to Timor-Leste to continue their work. It is alleged that former militiamen attacked the residents in Atabae on 24 February 2003. The investigation on the attack has been conducted in conjunction with an Indonesian team. Meanwhile a PNTL/UNPOL investigation team ended its visit to Atambua, in West Timor, investigating the February 24 incident. The team interviewed six suspects presently being held on the Indonesian side. (STL)

Xanana: Police Should Not Beat Up People

Timor Post reported that one of the topics discussed during the two-day seminar on PNTL in Dili was the establishment of a special police unit to deal with reports of police behavior towards the citizens. According to this newspaper there are rumors of police using violence like beating up people during detention. At his opening remarks, President Gusmão said, "I appeal to you to be cautious with your work. I've received many complaints about police beating up people in detention. Because this is a new institution, you still can change yourself for the better and gain the respected of the people". In a separate article Prime Minister Alkatiri said that the police force are not the only ones to change their mentalities but the population as well because Timor-Leste is now an independent country and the police should not be seen as the enemy of the people. He added that the purpose of the seminar was to look into ways to better establish a Timorese police force. (TP)

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