Subject: Daily Media Review 14 May 2003


Dili, 14 May 2003

Daily Media Review

Lu-Olo: Leandro Isaac Will Not Be Dismissed From the Parliament

The President of National Parliament, Francisco Guterres, said that although he had received a letter from the President of PSD Mario Viegas Carrascalão, asking him to dismiss Leandro Isaac from the National Parliament, he has no power or reason to do so. According to the Parliament's regulations, the only condition to dismiss an MP is when the person is not active as expected, he explained. If he/she is active in the Parliament, not even the Speaker of the House has the right to dismiss, he added. (STL/TP)

Vice-Minister to Investigate F-FDTL-PNTL Case

Suara Timor Lorosae reported that last Sunday the Interior Vice-Minister, Alcino Barris traveled to Baucau to meet with the local police about the investigation on the F-FDTL and PNTL incident of April 16. During his visit he called a meeting with Dili District Police commander, Baucau District Police Commander and the Director of Baucau hospital to gather data regarding the case. Barris said the report is almost complete and is only awaiting a reply from Brigadier General Taur Matan Ruak and the Commander of F-FDTL battalion, Falur Rate Laek in order to proceed with enquiry from the F-FDTL member involved in the incident. (STL)

Parliament Approves Extension of Reconciliation Commission

The Timorese National Parliament on Tuesday approved in general a six-month extension of the mandate for the Commission of Reception, Truth and Reconciliation. (Lusa)

Court Shuts Down Baucau Pousada

One year after its opening with the blessings of President Gusmão and Baucau Diocese, the only hotel (pousada) of that town has been shut under a court order due to land dispute, reported Lusa. The problem lies on a dispute over land where the pousada was built, involving the Diocese of Baucau and the Veterans Association. The situation became more tense in the last few days, with indications that the pousada could be looted. Lusa reported that the Baucau Court gave the order for the closure of the pousada last week based on a formal complaint by a Timorese family according to which the property belongs to them. (Lusa)






1. The Parliament member from Fretilin, Mr. Jose de Andrade said in the Plenary session yesterday that there is a suspicion of an armed militia group's infiltration into the Bobonaro District, heading towards the Ermera District. In response to the report, the Vice Speaker of the Parliament, Mr. Jacob Fernandes said that the issue has also been raised by President Xanana Gusmao during his visit to Ermera. According to Mr. Fernandes the security forces already have knowledge about the matter.

2. KOTA Party's representative in the Parliament, Mr. Manuel Tilman told Timor Post last Monday that the appointment and approval of the President of the Appeals Court was undertaken through a legal process. Mr. Tilman expressed his congratulations and honor to his former class mate, Mr Claudio de Jesus Ximenes. According to Mr. Tilman, the Appeals Court's President has a difficult job in nurturing the judicial system.

3. In an exclusive interview with Timor Post at his office in the Parliament building, the President of Fretilin and Speaker of the National Parliament, Mr. Lu-Olo said that the Government has made significant progress despite facing a lot of difficulties. Mr. Lu-Olo also explained Timor-Leste's economic vision. According to Mr. Lu-Olo the vision, as stipulated in the Constitution, is based on three main sectors the public sector, the private sector and community cooperatives.

4. The Conselho Popular de Defesa da Republica Democratica de Timor Leste (CPD-RDTL) has sent a protest letter to the press complaining about statements by the General Coordinator of the CAAC and CAAV Commission, Mr. Duarte Viana. Mr. Viana had stated in Timor Post, on May 2, 2003 that the time limit for the Ex-Combatants and Veterans to fill out a registration form ends on June 30, 2003. He said the Commission would not be responsible for claims made by those who have not registered before the deadline. The CPD-RDTL protest letter's also noted restoration of November 28, 1975 as Independence Day. The CPD-RDTL does not recognize the existing CAAC - CAAV Commission , because it was set up by the UNTAET administration, said the letter. The letter was sent by the Central Secretary of CPD-RDTL and signed by Ivo de Jesus Sequeira.


1. In STL front page describes the same story about the armed groups' infiltration from West Timor.

2. The Head of Dili District's Public Defender, Mr. Vicente Fernandes e Brito said that the Government of Timor-Leste and Indonesia had set up a "Joint Investigation Team" for the Atabae's case. (The Atabae's case was an attack carried out by an armed group on a passenger bus and a dump truck in the area of Atabae which caused several injuries and some death). The aim of the team is to undertake a joint investigation since some of the the alleged attackers are in custody in Timor-Leste and some are in West Timor.

3. In response to the Social Democratic Party's request to dismiss Mr. Leandro Isaac, the President of the Parliament Mr. Lu-Olo said that Mr. Leandro Isaac still has the right to be a member of the Parliament, because he did not violate any internal regulations.

4. President Xanana Gusmao met with three Indonesian investors from Jakarta Aviation Quality Assurance Company. They were Soenarjo Hartosuripto, Daniel R. Tumbuan and Joseph Wijanto Harjadi. They met with President Xanana for a "courtesy call". The Company will invest in the oil sector and other sectors include coconut oil production for cooking, eco-tourism development, agriculture and capacity building. They will meet with the Prime Minister to submit their proposals and the follow up, if the proposals get approved.

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