Subject: Local Media Monitoring - May 21, 2003




1. President Xanana Gusmao acknowledged that development in the country is happening slowly. He said that after three years it is time to sit together to redefine priorities to reduce poverty. President Xanana Gusmao said this yesterday during the celebration of the Independence Day at Government Palace.

2. During the commemoration of the Independence Day and the 29th anniversary of Fretilin yesterday, the Secretary General of Fretilin, Mr Mari Alkatiri said that the proclamation of independence is once and forever. He explained by saying that the proclamation of independence was done on November 28, 1975, therefore the May 20, 2002 was the restoration of independence already proclaimed.

3. The Speaker of the National Parliament, Mr Lu-Olo, said that Timor-Leste has made a slow but sure progress towards its bright future. He acknowledged the challenges facing his country but he feel confident that Timor-Leste will get the benefit of its efforts in future.

4. During the commemoration of Timor-Leste first anniversary yesterday, there was a demonstration carried out by Aceh Independence Movement activists and Timor-Leste pro Aceh Independence activists at Government Palace. Demonstrators carried banners and one banner said: "Where is your promise President Megawati? Neither a drop will fall in Aceh, if I become President of Indonesia"This banner reflected the promise that Megawati made during her run for the presidency. The demonstration began when President Xanana Gusmao and other distinguished guests left the venue. In response to the demonstration, Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri said "I think the Aceh issue must be solved within an Indonesian context."The Prime Minister was then quoted in the article as saying that he did not think that the world recognized Indonesia's unity. He said the Timor-Leste issue was quite different, because East Timor was never a part of the Dutch colonies. He said the conflict in Aceh should be settled in a peaceful way, not a military operation.


1. Timor-Leste National Police guardsblocked entry to the parade ground in front of the government Palace of former combatants.This meant they could not take part in the ceremony. The former combatants urged police to give them access, however it was not possible due to security reasons, said Mr. Ruben B. Carvalho, a member of the Government's Independence Day organizing committee.

2. STL also reported on the demonstration carried out by the Aceh Independence Move`ment activists in front of the Government Palace during yesterday's commemoration.

3. The President of the Timorese Nationalist Party, Mr Abilio Araujo and his sister Mrs Alianca de Araujo, a member of the Parliament from TNP, were taken to the court by Poy Cholor Company (an entertainment company). Mr Abilio and his sister Alianca were accused of business fraud. According to the lawyers representing Poy Cholor, Mr Abilio had a liquor and beverage import business deal with Poy Cholor. The lawyers claimed that a problem arose when Mr Abilio failed to delivered goods for which he had been paid.

4. STL also reported on the commemoration of the Fretilin's 29th anniversary at their office in Comoro.

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