Subject: Daily Media Review 05 November 2003


Dili, 05 November 2003

Daily Media Review

Lobato: Incident Provoked by Martial Arts Groups

The incident involving a group of men armed with light weapons who attacked four buses in a village near Atabae, has been caused by rival groups, the Minister of Interior Rogerio Lobato told Lusa. Lobato confirmed that members of BPU has managed to detain those responsible for the attack and organized a mediation action. There have been no reports of victims as a result of the confrontation. Lusa interviewed eyewitness, who said that the men carried light weapons and were all dressed in black. They attacked the four buses, which were heading towards the border on Tuesday morning. (Lusa)

PNTL-BPU Increases Number of Personnel

Thirty-seven police officers were graduated to Border Patrol Officers in the town of Batugadé on Tuesday, increasing the numbers of officers required to maintain security in the border, reported STL. The officers underwent a two-week training course on border security issues management and will be deployed in the districts of Oecussi, Bobonaro and Suai. Present at the event were PNTL Police Commissioner Paulo Martins, UNPOL Vice-Commissioner Carlos Anastacio, an Indonesian Immigration representative and members of PKF from Portugal and Brazil. (STL)

MPs Urge UNMISET to Release Report on 4th December

MP Antonio Ximenes (PDC) said on Tuesday that UNMISET should release the report on the events which took place in Dili on 4th December 2002 before it ends the end of its mandate. He added that the Government and UNMISET should be "brave enough" to release the report so that the population may know who were the masterminds of the riots. Timor Post reported MP Quiteria da Costa (UDT) as saying that it is almost a year since the incident occurred and a report has not been released as promised by the government. At the time the government said an investigation should be concluded

within a short period of time and a report released but until today nothing has been said, added da Costa. (STL)

Vietnamese Citizens Arrested in TL Border

PNTL Border Patrol Unit arrested three Vietnamese last Friday for entering Timor-Leste illegally, reported Timor Post on Wednesday. According PNTL's Saturnino Alves, BPU arrested the three Vietnamese after receiving information from the local community that the three did not hold a passport. After being questioned, the three Vietnamese said they were trying to get assistance from UNHCR and that they wanted to return to their country. (TP)


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