Subject: Daily Media Review 06 November 2003


Dili, 06 November 2003
Daily Media Review

American Base: Ambassador Rejects rumours

The American Ambassador in Timor-Leste Grover Joseph Rees, rejected on Wednesday rumours according to which the US would try to establish a military base in the country, reported Timor Post. (Timor Post)

Lobato: Border Should Not Depend Only on PNTL

Minister of Interior Rogerio Lobato was quoted as saying on Wednesday that the border security should not depend only on PBU officers, even if they were properly equipped. According to Lobato, the population must work together with the police officers to maintain peace and stability in the country and minimize the activities of destabilizing groups. (Timor Post)

The Activity of Illegal Group in Suai (STL)

MP Jose da Cruz from Bobonaro District said on Wednesday at the Parliament that the activities of the two groups allegedly CDP-RDTL and OSNAKO, have been raising concern among the residents of Suco Zoak, Beko and Lepo in Kovalima District. Da Cruz said that according to information received from the local population, the two groups are led by Daniel Mota (CPD-RDTL) and Miguel de Ara?o (OSNAKO). The groups have been trading with sandalwood, which they exchange for Indonesian military uniforms. They are constantly intimidating the residents of that area, he said. The MP also stated that the police have not been able to do anything on the issue. (STL)

Australian Will Investigate Torture Allegations

The Australian Army has ordered an inquiry into new allegations of torture by Australian soldiers in East Timor four years ago, reported the Australian media on Thursday. According to SBS TV, six militiamen arrested in Dili in September 1999 were tied-up and beaten, and exposed to a nest of wasps. "I've directed that an investigation into these new allegations, and I would stress at this stage that these allegations are now made after nearly four years," said Lieutenant General Peter Leahy, Chief of the Army. He added the allegations "have not been raised through the Serious Crimes Unit in the United Nations; they've not been raised through any other relevant authority." The Defence Minister, Robert Hill, also said the allegations would be investigated. (The Australian, SBS Dateline)

No Security without Full Stomachs: Gusm?

President Gusm? warned Asian business leaders on Wednesday in Hong Kong that if people in the poorest countries of the region were left without food, there could be no peace and security. The Timorese President told delegates at the CEO Forum: ``Without full stomachs, there is no security, no democracy, no nothing. People keep telling us we are a great success. But that has been only in one facet and now if people leave us, we will fail''. (The Standard)

UNIFEM Assists Former Falintil Members

The United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) has given assistance to ten former Falintil members to have X-rays done at the National Hospital in Dili to examine the possibilities for removing bullets that remain in their bodies. The Director of the Hospital, Antonio Caleres, said that the former Falintil members could be operated in Timor-Leste without any problems. (TP)


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