Subject: Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring Nov 5, 2003

Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring Nov 5, 2003

Timor Post

Indonesian investors will create jobs

A Member of the Parliament of Timor-Leste, Manuel Tilman, said that he personally accepts and welcomes Indonesian investors to Timor-Leste. He said largely Timor-Leste was still using Indonesian law. Mr Tilman said that Indonesia is a close neighbour and can export materials at reasonable prices that the population can afford.

NGOs using Parliament as their project

A member of the Parliament of Timor-Leste, Antonio Ximenes, made an appeal to NGOs operating in Timor-Leste to stop using the National Parliament as their own project. Mr Ximenes said that the NGOs have showed disrespect to members of the Parliament during a public hearing in the districts (does not explain how). He added that NGOs with this kind of mentality will not help Timor-Leste to take a leap forward.

Training for Border Police Unit

Thirty seven members of the Border Police Unit (BPU) of Timor-Leste have concluded two weeks of training on border security issues management and how to improve relations between Timor-Leste and Indonesia.

Members of Parliament request investigation

Members of Political Parties in the Parliament (PD, PSD, PDC and PL) have asked the President of Timor-Leste, Xanana Gusmao to form an investigation unit to address the issue of CNRT assets (donated goods like cars, tractors etc). A Member of the Parliament, Antonio Ximenes, said that during public hearings in the districts, people had complained about CNRT assets being used by some of the ex-members.


Report to Parliamentary Committee C on TSP II Mission

Today's edition of STL covered the full report presented to Members of the Parliament of Timor-Leste C Committee by the World Bank on the outcome of the TSP II Aid Memoir (source of this article was a joint World Bank/Government media statement).

Workshop on agriculture

A workshop organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry has focused on local products, how to diversify them, establishing new markets and transport of goods to market. Donors and local and international NGOs were invited to participate in the workshop.

Indonesia and Timor-Leste discuss border issue

Indonesia's East Nusa Tenggara Police chief, Edward Aritonang said he has met East Timor's President Xanana Gusmao to discuss the border issue between the two countries in Oe-Cussi District. Mr Aritonang said that among other crucial things that have not been agreed is the border line. He added that the two governments have established a joint committee on the border issue to determine the border line between the two countries.

Government needs to put out report on investigations

Members of Parliament of Timor-Leste have sent an official memo to the Government requesting the release of information on the investigations carried out into the events 4 of December 2002, Border Control and Public Works. A Member of the Parliament, Francisco Branco, said that people have questioned Members of the Parliament during public hearings in the districts and considered these issues to be of national interest.

Jose Filipe External Affairs World Bank, Dili Office

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