Subject: Local Media Monitoring - 29 Sep 2003

29 Sep 2003




Government's policy not to borrow from the World Bank is not effective and will not solve the current economic situation, said Oscar Lima from ATL (Association for Timor Leste entrepreneurs). He said that the government needs to borrow from World Bank and IMF because until now East Timor doesn't have its own income.

Mr. Lima said that as an example, Timor Leste's economy has declined by 5 % since UNTAET ended its mission.

Mr.Lima said that government's policy not to borrow from International institutions is not a good decision. The government needs IMF and the World Bank's assistance to rebuild East Timor and provide opportunities to people to get jobs.

Mr. Lima said in the last year, the economy has not grown and it will stay the same until the end of the UNMISET in 2004. He said the government is waiting for income from Timor Gap.

The Prime doesn't agree with Mr.Lima. The Prime Minister said the government doesn't have the resources or professionalism to manage loans funds which could lead to issues of KKN.

President Xanana receives award for international leadership and vision

The President, Mr. Xanana Gusmao has receiving International Herald Tribune Visionary Leaders Award, recognizing his contribution to reconciliation and stabilization in East Timor.

The President said this Award was for all the people of Timor Leste.

During his visit to Singapore, the President has also met with the Singaporian President, Mr. S.R.Nathan to about joint interests between the two countries. On October 1, the President will a give the speech to the international expo about Tourism, organized by the Assosiasaun Viagen Pasifiku ( PATA ). He also said 'we should build eco-tourism to develop our tourism industry.'

Care about dental Health

Dental health is part of good health for the whole and they can not be separated. This is according to the Vice Minister of health, Mr. Luis Lobato who was speaking at the Hospital Antonio de Carvalho, Lahane, Dili. The workshop was organized to agree goals that will be implemented by the Health Department aimed to establish a basic framework for oral health. Attending the workshop dental nurses from 13 districts, heads of the district health centers and an adviser from Ausaid plus some dentist in .

Fostering the economy in East Timor

Mr. Ananias Barreto, MM an economic lecturers at and the University of East Timor has said that the agriculture sector is important to East Timor, the government needs to give serious attention to agriculture, fisheries, tourism and agricultural sectors .

Mr. Ananias Barreto said the government must have good program to boost economic growth and the government needs to cooperative with NGO's . He said to maintain economic growth in the future, the government must support agriculture with more funding.

Mr. Ananias said the government needs generate policies in agriculture to provide opportunities for the people and support the agriculture sectors.

Timor Post


President Xanana said that UDT and the Fretilin party must ask forgiveness from the East Timorese people, because when UDT staged a coup in September, 11, 1975, the Fretilin party staged a counter coup. These coups made Timorese suffer and die because of a political principle. The President said that the coups taught the leaders about democracy in (1975), but it was the people who suffered. The President said we should learnt from the past.

The President proposed to CPD-RDTL to follow the political process and support the government now. He said if CPD-RDTL wants to make war after May, 2004, as the head of the nation he is ready to fight.

Commenting on the President's claim Major Maubuti said that FDTL is prepared to fight with CPD-RDTL if a war broke out. He and the President were visiting the Baucau district at the time.

Timor Post also reported on International Herald Tribune Award to President Xanana as per the STL report.

Media Monitoring - By Sildonia Maria Sarmento WB ? New Ext.Affairs Staff

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