Subject: Local Media Monitoring - Oct 06,2003

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Ongoing Loas Debate

There were three separate stories relating to the loans issue in STL today. In one article, Mr Antonio Ximenes from PDC (Christian Democrat Party) said Timor- Leste should borrow from the International Monetary Institutions. Mr Ximenes said that at present, Timor-Leste needs to borrow from the World Bank, ADB and IMF, to support the veterans and old people for their contribution and to save for emergency needs. Mr Ximenes said that Timor-Leste and Indonesia have different systems to manage the loans. He said that economic collapse in Indonesia happened because of nepotism in their government.

Also commenting on this issue, Mr Alexander Cortereal de Araujo, from UDT (Timor Union Democrat) said that to borrow from the World Bank, ADB and IMF is a good decision because the loans can be used to create jobs for Timor-Leste's people. In a third story, Mr Estanislau S. Saldanha, Observer for DIT (Dili Institute of Technology) said that Timor-Leste is not maximizing the 'economic potential' of this country, and the government doesn't have a clear vision about the priority sectors. He said the government doesn't have systems that are transparent and accountable to manage the loans.

CIITT(Center Information Independent for Timor Sea) commenting on Timor Sea

Mr Eusebio Gutteres from the CIITT said that the "top down" Timor Gas system would be not good for the Timor-Leste economy. He said that the pipeline must come to Timor-Leste not Darwin. Mr Gutteres said that he's pessimistic about the Greater Sunrise negotiations and says he supports the negotiator who is helping to act for Timor in the Maritime Boundaries dispute.

Commenting on this issue, Mr Alexandre Cortereal from UDT (Timor Union- Party) said that if the oil and gas pipeline does not come to Timor Leste, the country will suffer great financial loss.

Border Control Unit and PKF catch 15 TNI

The Border Control Unit and Australian Battalion-PKF of have caught 15 TNI with guns from the Indonesian Battalion 516. They entered Timor-Leste's 100 m-free zone, said Commandant BPU Bobonaro district, Abilio de Carvalho. Mr Carvalho said that the 15 TNI from West Timor were conducting illegal trade with people from Timor-Leste. Commenting on this issue, Commandant PNTL Bobonaro district, Honorio Assis Barreto, said that he knew of no evidence of illegal trading.

Joint Investigation into Ex-Militia Shooting by PNTL

Mr Feliciano da Costa, Adviser on Reconciliation for the President and RDTL Cabinet said the PNTL killing of Francisco Guterres, be investigated by the POLRI (Indonesian Poilice) and PNTL to solve the problem.

Timor-Leste Cultural Promotion

Mr Avelino Coelho, General Secretary of PST (Timor Socialist Party) said that all of the people from Timor-Leste must support President Xanana to promote the culture of Timor Leste at an international level. The President is currently attending on international tourism conference in Singapore.

Mr Coelho said that the Government must have a plan raise the profile of Timor Leste's and culture internationally.

Joint Agreement between the Government of RDTL and China

The Prime Minister, Mari Alkatiri and a delegation has just visited China. He said the Government China economically. He said entrepreneurs from China would come to Timor-Leste to discuss this program.

Timor Leste Student's in Portugal Need to Study Hard

Mr Harry Harsono, the Indonesian Ambassador to Portugal said that Timor-Leste students in Portugal must study hard to build Timor-Leste future. "You are the future of the nation. You need to build your country, and then some day come back to your countr", said the Ambassador from Coimbra, Portugal when meeting with Timor-Leste students there.

Diplomatic relations between Timor-Leste and the Republic of Indonesia are in good condition. He said "we need to forget the past and build good relations", said the Ambassador. Commenting on this issue Joaquin Fernandes, chairman of the Timor-Leste Student Union at the University of Coimbra, said that a good relationship between the two countries is important to create stability in the region.

Workers from Aviation Services on strike

Mr Jose da Conceicao da Costa, President of the Timor-Leste Union Confederation (KSTL) said that the Aviation workers are continue to protest because the Aviation Services company is subjecting the workers to "Green Herlick". He said that the management of the company is treating the workers like slaves.

EDTL Ainaro Needs Transport

Mr Mario Mendonca, Secretary for EDTL (Electricity Timor Leste) in Ainaro said that his department needs transport. He said they need transport so when a cable is broken in a small village, they can go quickly to repair it..

On a related issue Mr Vergilio Guterres, a Director for Central Electricity Timor- Leste (EDTL),said that the problem with electricity was supply. Most recently there was a problem with a ship bringing fuel to Timor Leste from Indonesia so generators could not powered.

Bishop Belo to Give Lecture at DIT

Director Executive/ Rectorium Dili Institute of Technology (DIT), Mr Joao Cancio Freitas, Ph.d, said that Nobel Prize Winning Carlos Ximenes Belo would give a lecturer to open new the new study year 2002/2003 with the theme 'Education, Etiquette and progress'.

Invited to the event will be Mr Joao Saldanha, Ph.d from East Timor Study Group, the Government, National Parliament, people from civil society and International Monetary Institutions like the World Bank, ADB and IMF, and Embassies in Timor- Leste.

Timor Post

Member of PNTL Discharged

Inspector Julio Hornai, temporary Director PNTL (Timor-Leste Police) said that one member of PNTL had been discharged because he hit a member of F- FDTL(Falintil-Forcas Defesa de Timor-Leste). Mr Hornai said, " this is a criminal act and it is being investigated."

President Xanana to met Pope

The President said that he will meet Pope II during his official visit to Europe and England.

PKF-Australian Battalion in the Future

Australia's Operational Commandant PKF, Paul Better, said he can't comment on longterm Australian PKF, but said the AUSBATT 9 would becoming when AUSBATT 8 goes back to Australia. Commandant Better said that the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Jose Ramos Horta, had told him that this country needs more UN-Police, not PKF.

Women need to play greater role to reduce poverty

Women need to play a greater role to reduce poverty, said Mrs Maria Manuela R.Pereira from Fokupers after attending a meeting about gender and poverty reduction in Cambodia last week. Mrs Pereira said that the reality, is that are woman less they skilled then men, but they can enhance their capacity with training. The second regional workshop about gender and poverty reduction , was organized by the World Bank, in partnership with UNIFEM, ADB, DFID, the Netherlands Government and UNDP.

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