Subject: Local Media Monitoring - OCT 09, 2003

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Loans Debate

In an opinion piece that began yesterday and continued today Mrs Marlinda da Silva from UNICET (United Islamic Center of East Timor) said that the Government of Timor-Leste must create jobs and does not need to borrow from the World Bank and IMF to save the economic situation. Mrs Da Silva said that Timor-Leste's people can generate enough wealth based on its agriculture sectors.

President Xanana: Thanks for Pope Joao Paulo II Contribution

President Xanana Gusmao will visit Pope Joao Paulo II, and will thank the pontiff for his contribution to Timor-Leste winning its independence. President Xanana said that he would be speaking for all the people of Timor-Leste.

Timor-Leste attend ASEAN Conference in Vietnam

Quoting a press release from the Department of Foreign Affairs, STL says that Timor-Leste has been invited to attend an ASEAN conference in Vietnam from October 7-9. In the meeting, Timor-Leste will give advice about the promotion of the International Treaty on Human Rights.

Timor Gap

Mr Eusebio Guterres from PD (Democratic Party) said that the Bayu Undan oil and gas fields (Timor Gap) were already creating jobs for Timorese and is being well-managed. Mr Guterres also said that the government must have 'good will' to manage the income from the oil and gas reserves in the Timor Gap.


Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri Receives Award

Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri has received a book and a medal from the United Nations. The award went to the Prime Minister because of his contribution to Timor-Leste independence.

Xanana confess to Pope John Paul II

The lead story is about President Xanana Gusmao saying that he will confess to Pope John Paul II, saying he has fault.

Mojong Incident

Inspector Julio Hornai, Temporary Head of PNTL, said that the investigation of the "Mojong incident" found that the Border Control Police (BPU) PNTL who shot the member of the militia in the Tunubibi area on September 19 were not at fault. Inspector Hornai said that the case was about self protection. He said that POLRI (Indonesia Police) and PNTL agreed on the result of the investigation.


The World Bank coordinated CFET program

The economic section of Talitakum carried a story about the World Bank CFET/ (Consolidation Fund for East Timor). CFET provides funds for social and economic sectors. The first allocation of $72.1 million is for education and health under the Transitional Support Program (TSP).

Funding CFET is the World Bank, England, Australia, the US, Norway, Portugal, Finland , Ireland, Sweden and New Zealand. (The source of the information in this articles was the Ministry of Planning and Finance).

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