Subject: RTL/TVTL News Sept 1, 2003


RTL NEWS DATE 01 / 09 / 03

·The people of Timor Leste have lived in Democracy and Freedom era for years. The freedom and democracy does not mean that we can do everything we want, said the President 'Xanana Gusmao' on the Referendum Day "30 of August 2003.

·Primer Minister 'Mari Alkatiri' said that, although the government had not organized any commemorations for Referendum Day, (30 of August) it didn't mean that government did not see the importance to the day. The Day belongs to the people; so let the people commemorate the Day in their places based on their traditions and cultures.

·Education becomes an important area that should be prioritized for the government in District of Baucau. Said Primer Minister Mari Alkatiri, during government opening in Baucau.

·Approximately 50 Agriculture's people from 13 Districts in Timor Leste, marched around Dili, started from Francisco Borge da Costa Park Government Palace via Colomera Street last Saturday.

·Ideas and Recommendation shared by the participants of the three (3) days seminar on validation of Agriculture rehabilitation project (ARP 2nd ) are very important to develop the economic situation in Timor Leste, said General Director of Agriculture, Fishing, and Forest, Cesar da Cruz, when he closed the seminar, on Friday.

·The Water project that run by the Japan mission in Bairo-Pite Dili, is now beginning to distribute the water for several places in Dili, said Rui de Sousa on last Friday to RTL.


·The last day of Governmental Opening in District of Baucau, was held in Baucau Stadium, and attended by the population. Education, Agriculture, and Health are the important talking point in the governmental opening.

·F-FDTL Chief of Staff 'Colonel Lere Annan Timor' told the population about internal security. He said that there were only two (2) ways to overcome those groups who threaten the population and cause the instability within the Nation,; first way is to send them to Jail, and the second way is to send them to Cemetery.

·Colonel Lere Annan Timor added that, peace and safety are on the hands of population, and security responsibility is on the hands of F-FDTL and PNTL.

·In the end of Governmental Opening program in District of Baucau, as the general secretary of Fretilin Party, Primer Minister 'Mari Alkatiri' held a meeting with Fretilin leaders from Lospalos, Viqueque, and Baucau.

·President of Republic ' Xanana Gusmao' held a meeting with Primer Minister Mari Alkatiri, UNMISET Administrator DR. Kamalesh Sharma and President of National Parliament 'Francisco Lu-Olo, in President Palace Caicoli Dili. This meeting was discussing about the International presence after the UN mission ends in 2004.

·The National Parliament Deputy from Education Division ' Antonio Cardoso ' said that, Government must create an opportunity for all Timorese to have education in University levels.

·FC. Student Star have won Frontier Cup tournament in District of Maliana after defeating FC. Cacusan 3 ­ 0 in the final. This event attended by President of Republic, and distinct guests from Belu West Timor Indonesia.

·Alola Foundation held a Mother Milk program for Father, Mother and Children on Friday in Aimutin Dili west.

·The Government has appointed 62 persons in Dili District as the teachers, after teaching as volunteers in the last couple years.

RTL NEWS DATE 01 / 09 / 03

·Government will present a proposal to UN to maintain the security and technical support to Timor Leste, after the UN mission ends, said Primer Minister 'Mari Alkatiri' after meeting with President of Republic, in President Palace Caicoli Dili, last Monday.

·Peace, and safety are on the population hands, but security is the ARMY responsibility, said F-FDTL Chief of Staff, Colonel 'Lere Annan Timor'.

·New-Zeeland is seeking International reinforcement to secure that, TNI and Militia members who involved in 1999 atrocities in Timor Leste, will be brought to Court.

·Ex Apostolic Administrator of Dili, 'MRG Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo SDB' said that, even-though he did not participate in the Governmental Opening in District of Baucau, but it was running well and positively, because no protests, according to rumors that circulate in there.

·Cases of Assassination are the first cases enlisted in Dili District Court among all the cases registered in month of August 2003.

·Fretilin leaders in Districts level and Sub-Districts level of east areas of Timor held a meeting with Fretilin Central Director in Sub-District of Baucau on Sunday.

·The Success in National Development, depends on the qualities of human recourses, said Superintendent of Education of Dili District 'Marcus Costa' in a ceremony of appointing 50 new Teachers this Monday.

·'Dili Student Star Team' won the Frontier Cup Soccer Tournament, which was held in Yeamatto Stadium of Maliana District.

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