Subject: Daily Media Review 18 September 2003


Dili, September 18 2003

Daily Media Review

Australia Responded Food Aid Appeal

In response to the World Food Program appeal for emergency food aid for Timor-Leste, the Australian government announced on Wednesday that it would donate A$1 million worth of food. WFP is appealing for nearly US$3 million to assist more than 100,000 people affected by the drought in Timor-Leste. It is reported that people living in the highland areas are most affected because there has not been any rain for the past two years. The WFP says malnutrition is widespread. (Lusa, ABC)

Government Received 3 million From Renting State Properties

The Timorese government has collected more than 3million dollars in the past three years on public property leases. According to Lusa, since March, 52 occupants have been notified by the government to settle their situation and about 3 people have been evicted from houses identified as belonging to the State. The Land and Property Department has reported that since they began operating under the new law, 50 cases of allegedly illegal occupation on State properties are not yet solved. It is reported that according to government data there are 10,000 to 12,000 State properties in the country. (Lusa)

Four New Kinds of Jellyfish Found in TL

An Australian team of experts has found four new kinds of jellyfish along the various points of Timor-Leste North coast, reported Lusa on Wednesday. The UN requested the investigation after many people were hurt, a few seriously, when they came in touch with these marine animals, which had appeared in large numbers in Timor-Leste waters, reported the newsagency. Jamie Seymour, one of the scientist involved in the investigation, said that the jellyfish "of small dimension," would be studied, and even contribute to evaluate other existing species in Australian waters. "It is a process which will help us with initial information. We are finding these kind of jellyfish in calm waters and not in zone of great movement of waves," explained Seymour. (Lusa)

Malaysia First Ambassador to TL Arrived in Dili

The first Ambassador of Malaysia to Timor-Leste arrived in Dili on Monday. Abdullah Faiz Mohd Zain presented his credentials to President Xanana Gusmão on Thursday. Malaysia has a diplomatic mission in Dili since April 2001. Mr. Zains's appointment will upgrade the mission to the level of Embassy. Also on Thursday President Gusmão received the credentials of the new Hungarian Ambassador to Timor-Leste, Gyorgy Busztin. He has been the Ambassador to Indonesia since 2001 and is also accredited as Ambassador to the Philippines.

Parliament Analyzes Law on Political Parties

The Timorese political parties are forbidden from encouraging separatist ideologies, integrationist or fascist, its leaders must Timorese citizens, and their finances and account ability must be made public, according to a proposal law on political parties currently being analyzed by a specialized commission of the Parliament. The proposed document, reported Lusa, equally forbids the political powers to "approach violence or use force to change the political and social order of the nation". Professional associations, unions, foundations and "foreign governments or collective people" cannot finance the parties. Parties need 1500 signatures to be registered, should have their own program and the majority of its members should not live abroad. (Lusa)


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