Subject: Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring April 22, 2004

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Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring

Vox Populi (Weekly Newspaper)

Corruption issue reappearing constantly

In this week's edition the paper published a lengthy article about corruption written by the Vox populi journalists Nuno Moreira, Azinha, Gantry Meilana and Pedruco. The article says that corruption has been within the Institutions of the Government of Timor-Leste for a while, but the Inspector General report says that only 51 cases of presumed corruption was found.

The Article says that the Inspector General, Mariano Lopes, comments have not caused a reaction from the Government or the intention to clean corruption practices within the Government of the Republic of Timor-Leste. The article says that if the Government does not take any strong measures to clean corruption then it will grow on and on. If the Government takes measures what will the Government use as a base in what law or regulation?

The newspaper says that the Prime Minister said that this new Government has set concrete plans to combat corruption if it s practiced within the public service. According to the paper the Prime Minister said that if any public servant is involved in corruption practices within his work environment then they will act according to the law.

The article says that the Prime Minister, Dr Mari Alkatiri, said that while investigating it is not reasonable to published, and we should wait for the conclusion. The article says that the Prime Minister said that the Inspector General should not have published the presumption of the alleged corruption report. The Prime Minister said, according to the article, so far no evidence of corruption was found within certain Government Institutions, only allegations but no evidence.

Leandro is crazy , says Mario Carrascal„o

The President of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Mario Viegas Carrascal„o, said that the accusation made by Leandro Isaac (the former Vice-President of PSD) that his party received USD$ 50,000 from the Petrotimor company is a slander campaign aimed to destroy PSD. Mr Carrascal„o said that he thinks Leandro Isaac is crazy. Mr Carrascal„o said that if Leandro Isaac says that he has proves that PSD received money from Petrotimor then he should present it. Mr Carrascal„o said that Leandro Isaac was the Vice-President at that time, and to whom was the money given? Maybe Petrotimor gave the money to Leandro, because he did not receive any. He said if you want to know the issue better, than ask Leandro and Petrotimor

Leandro ready for court with proof

The former Vice-president of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), Leandro Isaac, said that he is ready to answer if the party (PSD) decides to take him to court, and he is not afraid because he has the evidence. Mr Issac said that everyone at the National Political Commission knows about it.

Timor Post

200 Youths participated in HIV/AIDS seminar

A reverend from the Church World Service (CWS), Daniel Marcal, said that 200 youths attended a workshop organized by the CWS on HIV/AIDS in the Sub-District of Maubara. He said that the objective of the workshop was to inform and educate the youth about HIV/AIDS. Mr Marcal said that similar workshops were conducted in the Districts of Maliana, Lospalos, Aileu, Liquica and Dili.

People planned to bomb BNU, says Lobato

The Minister of Interior, Rogerio Tiago Lobato, said that there are a few people with bad faith who would like to plant a bomb in the Portuguese bank, BNU. He said that his visit to BNU is to guarantee security. Mr Lobato said that his Ministry, through the National police Force (PNTL), will strengthen the security to BNU, because they heard that some people are planning to attack and bomb the bank. Mr Lobato said that the National Police are investigating the threat, which he thinks could have come from people whose application for credit was rejected by the bank.

Shortage of Judges in Baucau

The Court Prosecutor in the District of Baucau, Domingos Barreto, said that the court in the District of Baucau has 1,541 cases pending since 2002, because there s not enough Judges. He said that apart from those there are another 1000 cases under investigation. Mr Barreto said that at the moment the Court in Baucau only has two judges which makes it difficult for them to work.


People will not kill each other anymore, says Lu Olo

The President of the National parliament, Lu Olo, said that he does not believe that people will start killing each other with the end of the UNMISET mission on May 20. He said that people have suffered enough for the last 24 years and what they want now is to live in peace.

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