Subject: RA: CDP signals constitutional challenge

Timor dissident signals constitutional challenge

A political dissident in East Timor says he is preparing to challenge the government when the United Nations mission to the country ends on May 20.

East Timorese police last week cracked down on the CPD-RDTL political group, which operates in an around the border town or Bobonaro.

The organisation does not recognise the country's constitution and has advocated widespread reform.

The UN mission to East Timor - known as UNMISET - comes to an end in May, although UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has hinted the mandate may be extended.

CPD-RDTL leader, Cristiano Da Costa, has warned he intends to force constitutional change once UN peacekeepers have left the country.

"This is a political battle and we have to wait and see what is going to happen next, whether the government is going to be able to hold its position after the UNMISET withdrawal" he said.

"We have to wait and see before we come out with some plan, or action, which will force for a constitutional readjustment."

02/02/2004 22:27:44 | ABC Radio Australia News

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