Subject: abc: Horta rr Andrew McNaughtan

abc: Interview in Darwin 19th Dec abc reporter Sarah Hawke, and Jose Ramos Horta, (transcript Cherie, thanks)

I have known dr andrew mcnaughton for the past ten, fifteen years and ever since I have known him every single day of his life was devoted to do good to people, not only politically speaking but as a human being he was very caring about individuals, about the well being of others.

He cared a lot about East Timor. He risked his life, he put aside his medical practise to help Timor Leste achieve its freedom which we have done and ever since he has also tried to help with research and arguments on the timor sea negotiations to get a better deal for the people of East Timor, so we miss him thoroughly. We miss a great human being. We pray for his soul, so that his life serve as a lesson for all others to do as good as he has done.

Q: What do you think was the most significant thing he achieved for East Timor or contributed to East Timor?

I think things that he has done tremendously, with risk of his life, was coming to Timor Leste, in the eighties and nineties, bringing in cameras to capture situations in Timor Leste such as torture, the fight the oppressive rule of the Indonesian army and smuggling the film out and the advertising, publicising to the rest of the world. I think this was among the most generous and daring gestures that he has made, that could have cost him his life.

Q: Do you think actions like this helped contribute to the independence of Timor Leste, and getting those images out to the outside world?

Q: Absolutely, Dr Andrew McNaughton's work, the quality of his work, integrity of his research, did contribute tremendously to advertising, to publicising what was hidden from the world and it contributed to our independence and freedom.

Q: Are there any in particular images or outstanding bits of footage that contributed to getting the picture of what was happening in East Timor to the outside world?

He had a footage that was shot in the mountains with the resistance with clandestine network. I have no access to this footage right now, but I remember back then they were invaluable for our struggle for freedom.

Q: Was he one of the greatest advocates, do you think, for independence for Timor Leste?

Yes Dr Andrew McNaughton was one of the greatest advocates we have had in Australia, there were many other advocates in the United States and Europe. But in Australia he was among the finest advocates we have had.

correction by Wes: indicating the impact Andrew had in a short time, his first involvement in East Timor was 1992 and his firest trip there was not before 1993 or 4.

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