Subject: Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring dec 31, 2003

Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring Dec 31, 2003


Floating mobile clinic for Atauro

The Vice-Minister for Health, Luis Lobato, said that a NGO from Australia has donated a boat to operate in Atauro as a mobile clinic to give consultation and needed treatment in every suco of the island. (The report fails to mention who the NGO is). Mr Lobato also said that the boat can evacuate any patient that needs urgent medical attention to the mainland hospital.

Community in Viqueque asks for evaluation

A member of the community from Lamat, suco Karaubalu, in the Sub-District of Viqueque, Tereza Soares, said that CEP and NGOs that have supported projects in the District and sub-district level, should make an evaluation about the projects. Ms Soares said that it's important that the evaluation is carried out to determine if the results were expected or not or the money was well spent. Meanwhile the Chefe Suco from the Sub-District of Viqueque, Cristiano, said that 60 widows received much needed building materials from CEP. (The paper failed to report the suco's name). He added that the 60 widows are from Caberu-Oan, Lamak Laran, Has-habut, Siralari, Wesa and Mamulak.

Government reflects about achievements and failures

In a lengthy interview for today's newspaper edition the Prime Minister, Dr Mari Alkatiri, said that the Government of Timor-Leste is reflecting over the past years achievements and failures in order to be able to implement what needs to be done in the coming yar. He added that priorities will be given to sectors that are most important for the National Development Plan. Questioned about the plans for 2004, Dr Alkatiri, said that before any development can be done we should give priority to the infrastructure sector. He added that otherwise the farmers would not be able to transport their goods to sell it in the market, and we cannot ask them to produce and work harder when the roads are not in good condition. Dr Alkatiri said that the Timorese have to be prepared because in 2004 investors will come to invest in the areas of industry, fishery, agriculture and tourism. The Prime Minister also said that the draft regulation on investment has been sent to the Parliament and he personally asked them to approve it as soon as possible. He added that investment has to start in 2004 and the draft regulation is important.

Government dos not fulfil its promises

The Sub-District Administrator of Maubisse, Jose Mendonca da Silva (Koto Moruk), said that the Government should not promise what it cannot deliver. He added that as a member of local Government he does not have the courage to make promises, because it becomes like an heavy debt to repay. (The paper does not mention what sort of promise was made by the Government to the people in Maubisse).

WB and CEP should give certificates in recognition

The Administrator for the Sub-District of Viqueque, Cristiano Soares, said that the World Bank and Community Empowerment Project (CEP) has forgotten about the community necessities. He added that until now CEP has not given them any certificate in recognition for their efforts at the base level. Mr Soares also said that CEP will end its mission next year and a certificate will help the community to find a similar job with a NGO.

More donors needed to make light work of Timor project

Inverell East Timor lighting project needs sponsors for about 15 more solar-powered lights. The Rotary-sponsored team has funding for about 135 solar lights for homes in Ermera District but the target is 150 and time is running out. Project leader, Greag Moran, said that the generosity of locals who have supported the concept has been overwhelming. But another kick was needed to give volunteer workers all the equipment they need. The lighting project developed after an initial aid tour to East Timor by an Inverell Rotary sponsored group in 2002. During the trip, the lack of lighting for students and family life was apparent and the team undertook to seek support to put solar powered lights in as many homes in Ermera District as possible. The lights cost $268 each delivered to Darwin by Perth firm Sustainable Energy Systems. The team needs just more than $4000 or 15 lights at $268 to guarantee the fundraiser's success. The project has even caught the eye of a southern Sydney local government group that wants to light public buildings in another area of East Timor.

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