Subject: Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring Jan 7, 2004

Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring Jan 7, 2004

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USA donates rice to Timor-Leste

A press release published on today's edition says that the Government of USA will donate 1.000 tonnes of rice to people of Timor-Leste in desperate need of food assistance. The paper also reports that the Government of USA contribution is channelled through the Emergency Food Assistance to East Timor which the World Food Program (WFP) will deploy it to the needy. The rice is destined for 25.000 families who hardly had anything to eat during the months of November till March. (The Paper does not mention where and when the rice will be delivered).

Detentions are always legal

The Vice-Director of the National Police Force, Ismael da Costa Babo, said that the Police Force always complies with the law during and after an arrest of a suspect. He added that the recent criticism done by members of the Parliament does not correspond the truth. Mr Babo said that any arrest is always done after a warrant is issued.

TT till the border

The President of the ASSET Loro Sa'e, Oscar Lima, said that Timor Telecom has already set up plans to establish telephone lines for the people close to the border region of Timor-Leste. He added that TT also has plans to establish lines to Atauro, Com, Tutuala and Lospalos because they are very important areas for the tourism industry.

Tight budget for 2004 - says Boavida

The minister of Planning and Finance, Madalena Boavida, said that the Government has reviewed the budget for 2004 and made a decision to reduce finance allocation throughout the Ministries. She added that the cuts will range from 5% to 10% to reduce service expenditures throughout the Ministries. Responding to criticism about the overspending in trips the Minister said that the critics need to know that any money that is spent in trips is not only for the Ministers but also for staff that need to attend seminars or courses abroad. Mrs Boavida also said that the budget for trips is divided into three categories: one for the President and that alone costs USD$400,000 a year, secondly for Members of the Parliament and thirdly for Members of the Government and it's workers. And the money is taken out only from one special fund. She added that the 2004 budget has been presented to the Parliament to debate, approve or rectify.

Government has to repair the Dili market - says Amaral

A Member of the National Parliament, Clementino dos Reis Amaral, said that the Government has to repair the Comoro market (in the outskirts of Dili) and better the conditions for the benefit of vendors and consumers, especially to prevent foreigners from despising the marketplace. Mr Amaral also said that it's appalling to see vendor selling their products amongst rubbish and mud, and the Government must educate them in how to maintain cleanliness in the marketplace.


Roads are deteriorating

The District Administrator of Lautem, Olavio da Costa, said that the road condition to the sub-Districts and Aldeias are deteriorating and with an urgent need for repairs for the local vendors to be able to transport their products and sell them in the nearby market places. Mr da Costa said that it's important for the local's sustainability and the Government should take this into consideration and make it one of their priorities for this year.

Aspirations presented but no result

The head of the village in the Sub-District of Maubisse, Fernando Magno, said that the population has presented proposal and aspirations to the local government numerous times, but with no result until now. Mr Magno said that the aspirations presented by the people are as simple as having clean water, electricity and better road conditions that the Government promised them. (does not say where and when was promised).

CPD-RDTL not making registry cards

The Secretary of CPD-RDTL in Bobonaro, Jose Teki Liras, said that CPD-RDTL is not making or issuing any registry cards, but what we are doing is National ID cards for Timor-Leste. Mr Liras also said that CPD-RDTL had informed the Department of Politic Affairs of UNATET, the UN Secretary General and the rest of the world about their intension to issue National ID cards to the people. He added that CPD-RDTL will continue distributing cards throughout 13 Districts without any concern at all.

Timorese students in dire straits

A Member of the National Parliament, Maria Paixao, said that some of the Timorese students in Indonesia without any legal documentation will be sent back to Timor-Leste. She added that on a recent trip to Indonesia, Malang, she was able to meet the students and was told that they are experience some difficulties and will not be able to sit for exams. Mrs Paixao also said that she suggested the students should contact the Timorese embassy in Jakarta to try and get visas for their return, but so far they had no answer from the Ambassador Arlindo Marcal. She added that the students are not receiving any support and thus cannot afford their trip back home.

Acupuncture clinic to open ? says Calere

The Director of the National Hospital Guido Valadares, Antonio Caleres Junior, said that the National Hospital has plans to set up and open an acupuncture clinic before the end of January, 2004. He added that the hospital will seek permission for a Chinese specialist to assist and run the acupuncture clinic. Mr Caleres also said that the National Hospital will also benefit with the arrival of eight specialist doctors from China, which will help them to set up the Intensive Care Unit.

Government allocates USD$1,600,000 for road repair

In today's edition the paper reports that the Government of Timor-Leste has made available USD$ 1,600,000 from TFET budget for road repairs. The paper reports that the money will be used to repair part of the road that has been washed away in Lareguto, District of Baucau. A member of the Council in Baucau, Jose Cornelio, said that just for road repairs this year they will need USD$559,000 and 40% of it has been spent already in repairs. (The paper is not clear when the money was made available by the Government).

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