Subject: Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring Jan 9, 2004

Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring Jan 9, 2004


Public workers needs to have the spirit

During a meeting with civil servants yesterday the Prime Minister, Dr Mari Alkatiri, said that all civil servants need to have the spirit of a big family and be responsible to make this country take a leap forward. Dr Alkatiri also said that as a big family with difficulties they have to face many challenges but the most important thing is to have responsibility. Dr Alkatiri said that the Department of Education also needs to have discipline because they are the guarantors of our kids future. He added that the civil servants are the most undisciplined by creating problems within their work environment by using their political affiliation and making copies of confidential Government documents and giving them to their party. The Prime Minister also said that many are talking freely about corruption within institutions and departments of the Government, it has become like one of their favorite past times song. He added that KKN (corruption) is just about everywhere you turn. (6000 civil servants attended the meeting organized by the State Department under Minister Ana Pessoa)

People with criminal record will not be recruited

The Minister of Interior, Rogerio Tiago Lobato, said that the Special Police Force still needs people, but those who were involved in criminal acts during the resistance time will not be accepted. He added that opportunities will be given to the youth with qualifications and a clean record. Mr Lobato also said that all those that served during Indonesian time as Policemen will not be accepted for the Special Police Force. He added that the Special Police Force will have 300 members.

Militia infiltration are only rumors - Says Xanana

The President of Timor-Leste, Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao, said that people should not pay much attention to the rumors circulating saying that militia have infiltrated in the Districts of Atsabe and Ermera. He added that no investigations have been carried out to determine whether or not the militia have infiltrated and people are making it into a big issue. Mr Gusmao also said that he had met the Prime Minister, Dr Mari Alkatiri about militia infiltration and both agreed to ignore it because they are only rumors.

Government of Australia supports Turon Primary school

The Director of the NGO Boaventura in the District of Maufahe, Luis Pereira, said that the Government of Australia has financially supported the rehabilitation of the Primary School in Turon. He added that an amount of $USD 534 in financial support was given to the NGO Boaventura for the rehabilitation. Mr Pereira also said that the rehabilitation took two months and thanks the Australian Government for the financial support.

Dili District will plant trees

The Dili District Administrator, Ruben Joao Braz de Carvalho, said that during this month Dili District will start planting trees around the city area and the surrounding mountains that are bare without any trees. He added that after two years, people are still without any responsibilities, and continue to burn and cut down tress. Mr da Carvalho said that the Department of Agriculture, Forest and Fisheries already has small trees for us to start planting while it's raining. (The paper does not say how many plants or where they will start planting)

Unfamiliar pre-paid meters for everyone

During the socialization of pre-paid meters the Sub-District Administrator of Vera Cruz, Arthur Henrique, said that the pre-paid meters is not only for the public in general but also for the civil servants to use. Mr Henrique said that the donors have supported us and they are willing to continue with their support but as Timorese we should meet our responsibilities and pay the electricity bill, otherwise we will have a nation in the dark.

National Hospital with 20 cases of malaria

The director of the National Hospital, Antonio Caleres Junior, said that since month of December, 20 patients have been bed ridden with malaria but so far none have appeared with dengue. He added that this month alone many people have sought medical assistance for malaria and unfortunately 2 of the patients died due to the advanced state of their illness.

Timor Post

Lady bug released in May

The Director of the Department of Agriculture in Baucau, Lourenco Borges Fontes, said that lady bugs will be released in May after the wet season is over to combat the disease that is killing most of the coconut trees in Baucau. He added that the reason for this delay is because the lady bugs will not survive in the rain. Mr Fontes also said that the lady bugs have been identified by a laboratory expert from France. He already has 400 lady bugs to be released in two sites where the coconuts were most affected by the disease.

Baucau without power for five days

A technical staff member of the EDTL in Baucau, Paulino, said that technical problems with the power generator and the high demand for electricity in Baucau caused the breakdown and left the consumers without power since January 2 until yesterday.

UN security has to stay in TL

Members of the National Parliament have joined in support of the appeal made to the UN by the Bishop D. Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo, urging the UN to modify their strategy to withdraw all its forces by May 30. A member of the Parliament, Francisco Branco, said that the international community has shown that they are concerned with the security situation in Timor-Leste after the end of UNMISET mission.

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