Subject: Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring Jan 23, 2004

Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring Jan 23, 2004

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Martins and Longuinhos summoned by Xanana

The President of RDTL, Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao, said that he is very upset with the National Police for shooting and wounding Joao (story does not give surname) in the Suco Nahaek in Dare and has summoned the Police Commissioner, Paulo Fatima Martins and the General Prosecutor Longuinhos Monteiro. He said that he does not accept the brutal behavior of the Police to try and solve the dispute between two neighbors over a few meters of land. Mr Gusmao also said that he has called the General Inspector, Mariano Lopes da Cruz, and asked him to investigate the incident.

Stop blaming CPD-RDTL for any trouble

The Coordinator of the CPD-RDTL, Antonio ai-Tahan Matak, has requested the institutions of Timor stop blaming CPD-RDTL for any trouble that arises in Timor-Leste. He said that recently in Ainaro, militias were sighted and sought money from the people and CPD-RDTL was unfairly blamed for it. Mr Matak said that people are spreading rumors against CPD-RDTL with an intention to destroy the organization, but, he said they will not succed.

20 hectares of rice fields destroyed by swollen river

The Sub-District Administrator of Laga, Baltazar Belo, said that 20 hectares of rice fields have been destroyed by the strong current of the river that inundated the area. He said that 3 villages, Boudisi, Lugi and Herlala, were badly affected and 10 hectares of rice fields were completely destroyed. Mr Belo said that the International NGO's USAID and AUSAID have started repairing the river banks to avoid future flooding on the area.

4 rusty hand grenades found by children

The National Police Commander in the Sub-Dustrict of Venilale, Pedro Belo, said that a group of children playing had found a plastic bag hanging from a tree that contained a hand grenade. He said that when the children pulled the bag out of the tree, they found a string attached and another 3 grenades were buried under the tree. Mr Belo said that the grenades were old and rusty and he believed they had been left behind by the Indonesian soldiers.

It is important for the Government to "fix" TL economy

The Deputy of the UNMISET, Dr Sukehiro Hasigawa, said that before the end of the UNMISET mission in May it's very important that the Government of Timor-Leste "fix" the economy, and implement a code to protect human rights. He said these things are important for the wellbeing of the people.


Presidential bid by Indonesian General stirs controversy

In July, Indonesia is schedule to hold its first-ever direct election of a president. The incumbent, Megawati Sukarnoputri, is expected to seek another term. But she faces a challenge from a controversial figure. The former chief of the Indonesian armed forces is laying the groundwork for a presidential bid despite his indictment by a U.N. tribunal for war crimes in the former Indonesian colony of East Timor. General wiranto, who was forced into civilian life in 2000, is portraying the government of Megawati Sukarnoputri as failed and offering himself as a contender in the first direct presidential election.The one-time military chief and six other senior officers were charged by a UN Court with crimes against humanity in connection with the violence that accompanied a 1999 referendum on East Timor's independence. But Indonesian courts have declined to charge him, and the government has refused to turn him and his colleagues over to the United Nations for trial.

Cannot depend on Government only

The District Administrator of Ermera, Vitor dos Santos, said that as Timorese, we should not wait for the Government's help in everything, but we need to take control and set up our own activities. He added that people should support each other and be tolerant towards one another. Mr dos Santos said that the Government also needs to attend the people's emergency requests especially those who saw their house and cattle taken away by the strong current of the river caused by the monsoon rains.

Private sector has difficulties

The Director of PT, Rosario Julio Alfaro, said that the private sector has faced many difficulties since UNTAET's time because there is no law for investment and people are scared to invest. He said that the Government needs to support the private sector before UNMISET ends its mission or the private sector will be confronted with lots more problems. Mr Alfaro said a weak private sector is also a problem for the Government. He said urgent attention is needed to create jobs for the people.

Development plan is running according to plan

During the Open Government in the the Sub-District of Maubara the Prime Minister, Dr Mari Alkatiri, said that the development process for Timor-Leste is running according to the National Development Plan established by the Government. He said this process had started in May 2000. Dr Alkatiri also said that the development process can take three, five or even ten years to accomplish. He added that to implement National Development Plan, we all need to work hard, otherwise we will fail. Speaking about infrastructure, the Prime Minister said that electricity is important and a study is underway to see whether if its possible to generate electricity using water hydropower. He said that running generators with diesel is expensive and costly to run. Dr Alkatiri said that if the people want electricity in their homes, they have to contribute and pay their bills because the Government cannot continue to pay USD 8 million a year in diesel.

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