Subject: Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring Jan 27, 2004

Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring Jan 27, 2004


FDTL shooting a big mistake - says Xanana

The President of RDTL, Kay Rala Xanana Gusmao, said as the Supreme Commander of the F-FDTL he will make a recommendation to the Government to open an investigation into the F-FDTL incident in Lospalos at the weekend. The President said that when the First Battalion stationed in Lospalos, goes out and starts shooting indiscriminately that's an error and a big mistake. President Gusmao said that he is sad about the undisciplined behavior shown by the F-FDTL members, and he will seek support from UNMISET to help set up a commission to investigate the incident.

Those involved in the shooting have to face justice

The Priest from the Church in Lospalos, Manuel Fraille, said that elements from the two national institutions PNTL and F-FDTL have shown that they are undisciplined, with no control at all. He said that those who were involved have to face justice to avoid further mishaps in future.

Police rejects CPD-RDTL accusations of mistreatment

The Deputy Commander of the National Police in the District of Bobonaro, Ismael da Costa Babo, said that he does not accept the accusation made by CPD-RDTL that the Rapid Response Unit stationed in Bobonaro has mistreated people. Mr Babo said that the Rapid Response Unit never assaulted anyone or took any action against members of the population in Bobonaro, as stated by CPD-RDTL in December. He said that what the CPD-RDTL are doing is trying to give a bad name to the Police Force.

Mehara population without clean water

The head of the Village in Mehara, Sub-District of Tutuala, District of Lautem, Amadoro Miguel, said that the population of Suco Mehara does not have access to clean water. He said that the population has being waiting for the past two years and every day the population has to walk seven kilometers to fetch water.

80 patients a day seeking medical assistance in Bobonaro

The Director of the Health center in Bobonaro, Jose Afranio do R. Santos, said that the health clinic has an average of 80 patients a day seeking medical assistance and treatment for skin infections. He said most of the patients also had flu. He said that the rainy season has made it difficult for the mobile clinic to visit patients in remote areas of the District.

Iliomar without transportation

The Administrator of the Sub-District of Iliomar, Joao Alves, said that the population has many times complained to him about the road condition that leads to Iliomar. He said there is no transportation available for the people to take their goods to the market. He said that a quick attention from the Government is needed to help solve the problem.

Three primary schools faced with difficulties

The Head of the Education Department in Ainaro, Sub-District of Maubisse, Filomeno de Araujo, said that the primary schools in Manetu, Manelobas and Suku Liurai do not have enough books for the children. He said that in Manetu alone, there are only three teachers to teach three hundred and forty children, divided into two classrooms. Mr de Araujo said that tables and chairs are urgently in need, and a place for the teachers to live. At present the teachers have to wake everyday at 4:30 in the morning to be on time for school. In the meantime, in the Sub-District of Maubisse, Suco Manelobas, the population has decided to build two schools to which they have contributed materials and labor. When the schools are finished they will be handed to the teachers so children can be taught in dry and safe conditions.

Wake-up call for Australia on East Timor resources

To mark the Australian National holiday, Australia Day, the East Timor Action Network/US (ETAN) demanded that the Australian government honor the national sovereignty and resource rights of East Timor. This week, East Timor's supporters around the world are phoning, faxing, and Emailing Australian diplomatic missions to urge a speedy and fair resolution of the maritime boundary between the two countries.

Timor Post

Police lack transport for patrolling

The Head of the Operational Unit of the National Police, Mateus Fernandes, said that the lack of vehicles for the Police to patrol at night, means they cannot deliver better service to the community. He said that the National Police have established a plan to attend the areas where robberies are frequent. Mr Fernandes said that for the police to be able to provide better service the community has to assist police to identify suspects or suspect activities in their residential areas.

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