Subject: Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring Jan 28, 2004

Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring Jan 28, 2004

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Venilale with high levels of dengue

A midwife from the Health Clinic in the Sub-District of Venilale, Francisca de Jesus, said that the health clinic in Venilale has more than 110 patients receiving treatment for dengue fever. She said the 80 adult patients receiving treatment from range in age from 10 to 80 years. Mrs de Jesus added said that 22 children under the age 5 have been hospitalized with dengue fever. She made an appeal to the population to use mosquito nets and maintain their yards clean.

118 mental patients sought treatment in Baucau

The Head of the Health Department in Baucau, Luis da Cunha, said that his department treated 118 patients with mental disorders in 2003. He said that some of the patients who sought treatment were also suffering epilepsy. Mr da Cunha said that the treatment program for mental disorders in Baucau was financed and supported by AUSAID.

Baucau again without power

An electricity consumer in Baucau, Francisco Lopes, said that since January 2, the people in the District of Baucau have been sitting in the dark every night without electricity. He said that people are not happy with the situation and are afraid that their electrical appliances might also break. Responding to people's concerns, the Head of the EDTL in Baucau, Afonso Boavida, explained that the generator had broken down in Dcember and again in January. He said he has requested new parts for the generator, but Dili has not yet delivered them.

Those who wait only for Government are militias

During an Open Government in Liquica, an ex-combatant, Graciano da Silva, said that people who don't want to work and who are waiting only for Government to give them everything, are like militias. He said that people with this kind of mentality do not see that the donors will look at us as a country with lazy people. Mr da Silva said that people with this "militia mentality" should be sent to Natarbora and Weberek (on the other side of the island in the District of Same) to work instead of waiting for the Government's support.

RESPECT supports vulnerable groups

The Media Officer for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Kym Smithies, said that RESPECT is a National Program and is giving support to vulnerable people in civil society like widows, ex-combatant, youth and those who are seeking employment. Ms Smithies said that the program is very important and its objective to help vulnerable people in the area of agriculture development, forestry and infrastructure rehabilitation.


F-FDTL made a big mistake, says Taur

The Commander of F-FDTL Brigadier General, Taur Matan Ruak, said that in his opinion, the members of F-FDTL who were involved in the weekend incident in Lospalos made a big mistake. He said that he was waiting for the investigation results before any action can be taken against those involved. In the meantime, the President of the National Parliament, Lu Olo, said that the weekend incident was an act of crime. He said that it's important to know why it happened and what led F-FDTL to become involved in such an act of crime.

Development will bring changes next year ? says Alves

The Secretary of State for Public Works, Joao Alves, said that with the availability of finance to support the National Development Plan, we will see big changes in Timor-Leste from the Department of Public Works. He said that he can guarantee the community that by FY06/FY07 a lot will be accomplished. Mr Alves said that most of the projects from FY03/FY04 are underway and some are finished. For example, he said, roads are being repaired and bridge is being carried out by small local companies.

Mehara population unfamiliar with electricity bills

The Head of the Village of Mehara, Sub-District of Tutuala, Amadoro Miguel, said that the population has not received any electricity bills, and no staff from EDTL have come to explain how or where people should go to pay their bills. Mr Miguel said that he has been without electricity for the last four months, and he does not know whether he has to pay or not to have access to electricity.

Cart to carry electrical equipment in Gleno

The Supervisor for EDTL in Ermera, Adolfo Inacio da Silva Maia, said that his staff to doing maintenance and electrical repairs in Gleno have to carry equipment and material on a cart. He said that sometimes they have to take the cart 8 kilometers to do their work. Mr Maia said that the staff patiently have done their work, but transportation is urgently needed for them to be able to continue with their work. He said that he has put a request for a car, but until now has not received a reply.

Education important for TL future

The Vice-Superintendent for Education in the District of Lautem, Alfredo de Araujo, said that for the world to respect and continue to help this nation get established, it is important not to forget education. He said for this to happen, parents have to take responsibility and assist with educating their children at home. Mr Araujo said that it is important for the parents to restrict their children's movements, ask for school reports, and supervise their children's homework.

Primary teacher transferred after parents complaints

The Head of Teacher's Department in the District of Manufahe, Vidal dos Santos, said that a primary school teacher in Wedauberek, Angelina da Costa, did not comply with the school regulation's and was transferred to another primary school in Wesusu. Mr dos Santos said that after receiving many complaints about the teacher from parents and students, he was left with no other alternative.

Australian Battalion builds two schools in Gleno

The Vice-Director of the Pre-Secondary School in Gleno, Alarico de Jesus Soares, said that the community is very happy with the Australian Battalion (AUSBAT) for building two pre-schools in Gleno. Both have three classrooms. He said that the population is very grateful for the Australian Army support not only for the buildings, but also for their donation of 20 chairs and 20 tables.

Falintil commander injured in car accident

The National Police Force Commissioner, Paulo da Fatima Martins, said that the First Battalion Commander of F-FDTL, Falur Rate Laek, suffered minor injuries in a car accident while traveling to the District of Viqueque to visit his family. Mr Martins said that when the local police received a call through the radio, they reacted promptly and helped evacuate the Commander.

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