Subject: Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring Jan 30, 2004

Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring Jan 30, 2004

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PM makes surprise visit to school in Becora

The Prime Minister, Dr Mari Alktiri, has made a surprise visit to a pre-secondary school to find out first-hand what difficulties the school is confronting. He said that the community in the surrounding area also needs to support the school. Dr Alkatiri said that community support is vital to prevent people from destroying schools that the Government has rehabilitated. Dr Alkatiri said that the students in the pre-secondary school had requested chairs, tables, doors and windows that are not available as well as a library.

RESPECT financed projects in Dili District

The Vice-Minister for Development and Environment, Abel Ximenes, said that next month RESPECT will give financial support of USD100.000 to the Dili District Administrator for projects in agriculture, forestry and infrastructure. Mr Ximenes said that some districts have not received support from RESPECT because they were late in submitting their project papers.


Expensive to hire a tractor

A farmer in the District of Maliana, Jose da Conceicao, said that due to the high price demanded for hiring a tractor, farmers cannot plough their rice fields. He said that the private business are asking between $50 to $60 to plough a hectare of land, and farmers cannot afford it.

Bobonaro community are paying their electricity bills

The District Coordinator for EDTL in the District of Bobonaro, Antonio de Carvalho, said that the 334 consumers in Bobonaro have started paying their electricity bills an averga amount of 3 dollars per household per month. Mr de Carvalho said that the community is very happy with the financial support given by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) that allowed them to acquire a generator and electrical cables.

Ermera has 20 patients with leprosy

A District Coordinator of Health for the Clinic of Virgin Mary of Fatima, Florindo Araujo, said that 20 people from the Sucos Lete Foho and Lauana have contracted leprosy. He said they have not received any medical assistance. Mr Araujo said that the clinic has also registered 125 cases of tuberculosis in Ermera last year. He added that with the rainy season, the clinic sees 50 to 70 patients a day seeking treatment for lung infection and malaria.

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