Subject: Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring May 31, 2004

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Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring May 31, 2004

Bedevilled in the Timor Sea

Suara Timor Loro Sa'e (STL)

Government has not done enough for the economy, says Amaral

The Vice-President of the National Parliament, Francisco Xavier do Amaral, said that the Government of Timor-Leste has done a few things for the country, but, for the improvement of the economy has done little. Mr Amaral said that the Government has shown willingness and done everything within its capacity to take the nation forward. Mr Amaral said that the problem the Government faces is lack of human resources to be able to implement any decision taken within the executive.

Education and school in East Timor

East Timor has rebuilt from the ashes school buildings throughout the country to cope with the demands from parents about their children?s education. With this in mind, national leaders everywhere are placing more emphasis on the education of the youth. The Government, officials and parents in East Timor are working hard to give the children the best education for their future, because the young will be the future of East Timor. The Government has built hundreds of schools for the people. Both the Government and private sector are working hard to run the education. Although the private schools are more expensive than the Government's school and yet parents are sending their children to private schools. Do we know why?

Timor Post

Census is important, says PM

The Prime Minister, Dr Mari Alkatiri, said that the electoral census is very important for the Government to be able to plan its national development. The Prime Minister said that it's important that everyone participates in the census that is due to start on May 31 until July 31.

400 lady birds released in Baucau

The Head of the Agriculture Department in the District of Baucau, Abilio Hornai, said that 400 lady birds were released (does not say when) to combat the disease that was killing the coconut trees in the District of Baucau. He said that 100 lady birds are still in captivity at the laboratory to produce more lady birds and release at the appropriate time.

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