Subject: LUSA: Brazilian NGO to assist Dili in teaching of Portuguese

East Timor: Brazilian NGO to Assist Dili in teaching of Portuguese

Brasilia, March 5 (Lusa) - Alfabetização Solidária (Solidarity Literacy Program), a Brazilian NGO, began a visit to East Timor on Friday aimed to study ways of continuing its support to Portuguese- language teaching in the world`s newest nation.

The NGO has been operating in Timor since 2001 and has already provided literacy course to 4,000 adults and young people across the country.

Although one of Timor`s official languages, Portuguese is currently only spoken by a minority of Timorese.

In Brazil, the Solidarity Literacy Program has already offered basic literacy courses to 4 million people and trained 170,000 instructors.

The NGO has achieved international recognition and according to UNESCO is among the world`s ten most successful suppliers of literacy schemes.

It also operates in Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe and Cape Verde and began its first Spanish-language program last year in Guatemala.


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