Subject: Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring March 23, 2004

Timor-Leste international and Local Media Monitoring March 23, 2004

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Water will be the source of war in future, says PM

The Prime Minister, Dr Mari Alkatiri, said it is not only oil that is causing war in many countries, but water too is causing also fighting amongst people. He said that many countries have no access to water, and Timor-Leste will have to be careful and avoid environmental degradation like cutting down trees that can reduce water. Dr Alkatiri said that if Timor is not careful it could one day be just dry as other countries around the world. The Prime Minister made an appeal to the population not to waste water and to start rationing water use.

Talk about corruption when have prove, says PM

The Prime Minister, Dr Mari Alkatiri, said that if this Government is engaged in corruption, then where is the evidence to prove it? He said that many people are talking about civil servants taking money out of the Government for their own purpose, but no one is presenting the evidence. Dr Alkatiri said that Timor-Leste is the only country in the world that has an Inspector General, and is the only country that has taken this initiative.

Australia's double betrayal (Source from Green Left Weekly)

Since the East Timor independence referendum in 1999, the Australian government has received approximately $1 billion dollars in taxes on oil taken from Laminaria Coralima field, which is fully situated in East Timorese territory. During the same period, East Timor has received absolutely nothing from this oil field. One billion dollars is four times the amount of "aid" that has been "given" to East Timor through AUSAID since 1999. In Melbourne, the Timor Sea Campaign has been established and other groups are screening the documentary Timor Gap Oil and Gas: Don't Rob Their Future to raise awareness about this rip-off. Clearly there is a massive challenge to reawaken and mobilize the Australian people's solidarity with East Timor against the Australian Government's robbery. It should concern us all that the campaign to give East Timor its resources back is stronger in the united States than in Australia.

Medicine for people in Ainaro and Same, says Lobato

The Vice-Minister of Health, Luis Lobato, has promised medical support and medicine for people in the District of Ainaro, an area that has been affected by natural disasters. The Vice-Minister said that people in the area are at risk of contracting diseases. Mr Lobato said that a medical team will be sent to the District for an evaluation before medical can be provided by the Health Department.


Medicine shortage in Aileu hospital

The Director of the Health centre in the District of Aileu, Rogerio da Conceicao, said that in March ran out of medicines to administer to patients with malaria and flu. He said luckily, the hospital has been able to continue with the support from a catholic clinic that has provided much needed paracetamol and chloroquine to the health centre.

RESPECT program to repair roads

The District Administrator for the Sub-District of Venilale, Julio Tome da Silva, said that RESPECT has established a program to repair the badly damaged main road that leads to Watulea, Waioli and Badumori. He said that the people have repaired the road themselves many times just to allow microlets in and out so products can be taken to the local market.

Agriculture school in Betano

The Coordinator for the Agriculture Practice School in Suco Manico, District of Same, Justo Francisco da Silva, said that the school had started planting beans, peanuts, coffee and vanilla tress. He said that students are also planting watermelons that are growing nicely. Mr Da Silva said that the people in the suco are delighted with the agricultural activities that are stting a good example for farmers to follow.

District of Dili has 6.021 teachers

The Head for the Teachers Department, Dr Joao dos Santos, said that the District of Dili has 6,021 teachers who are teaching in primary, pre-secondary and secondary schools around Dili. He said that the teachers have started implementing the Portuguese language at school.

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