Subject: LUSA: Ex-militia boss to stand trial for 1999 massacre

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East Timor: Ex-militia boss to stand trial for 1999 massacre

Dili, May 3 (Lusa) - The trial begins next week of an ex- integrationalist militia leader accused of taking part in the massacre of 12 people at the home of an independence leader during East Timor`s bloody breakaway from Indonesia, an official Dili source said Monday.

Marcolino Soares, a commander of the pro-Jakarta Besi Merah Puti militia, is accused of murdering Manelito Carrascalão, son of pro- idepencedence leader Mario Carrascalão, during an attack on the Carrascalão home in Liquiça district on April 17, 1999.

His trial is set to begin May 10 in front of the Dili Serious Crimes Unit, said the source.

About 150 Timorese were seeking refuge in the house at the time of the militia attack.

In 2002, the leader of the notorious Aitarak pro-Jakarta militia, Eurico Guterres, was sentenced by an Indonesian court to 10 years in prison for his part in the 12 murders at the Carrascalão home.

The Jakarta court ruled he had incited his supporters to attack the Carrascalão residence and then made no efforts to prevent the killings when they began.

Guterres, who has appealed the sentence, is still at large in Indonesian West Timor.


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