Subject: AN: Wiranto Accusers Breach International Law, His Lawyer


May 14, 2004 10:41pm Antara

Jakarta,May 14 (ANTARA) -- Head of Wiranto's team of lawyers handling the East Timor case Dr Muladi said those who had been accusing the one-time military (TNI)chief to have committed human rights violations in East Timor have breached international law.

"Actually, it is these people who have breached international law, because while the Indonesian human rights tribunal still enjoyed international recognition, the courts in other countries have no right to intervene," he told the press in Jakarta on Friday.

When asked whether the East Timorese prosecution has made a request for arrest, Muladi pointed out that no such request had been made, since the arrest warrant was issued by a United Nations official seconded to the East Timor Prosecution Office, bypassing the East Timorese Supreme Court.

"I think, as our foreign minister has said, the matter should simply be ignored, as it was only some kind of 'move' on their part," he said.

When asked what the international world would think of Wiranto if he had been elected President, Muladi said it would be no problem. Actually both the United States and Australia have no problem, as long as Wiranto had been elected democratically, he said.

Muladi also said that Wiranto as presidential candidate has a commitment to eradicate graft without exception. And even former Indonesian strongman Soeharto would have to stand trial if his health condition allows it.

"Soeharto will have to face the law. And the attorney general has even stated that Soeharto has to stand trial if his condition allows him to do so," he said.

When asked whether Wiranto would really have the guts to have Soeharto stand trial, Muladi said Wiranto has a commitment to do that. But if Soeharto is suffering from permanent brain damage, it would also be difficult for the international community to have him tried.

Muladi said while Wiranto's first commitment is to eradicate corruption, his second commitment is to serve only one term of office, with the members of this cabinet comprising experts in their respective fields and not representing any political party. "Such commitments are good," he said.

When asked what chances Wiranto has in the upcoming presidential election, Muladi said he may not win in the first round, meaning that he may fail to secure 50 pct of the votes, and also not 20 pct in each province. My prediction is that Wiranto and Megawati will emerge in the second round," he said.

The chairman of the Habibie Center also said that Megawati and Wiranto will enter the second round as both have a strong political machine. Wiranto has the support of the Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) moslem organization and the National Awakening Party (PKB), as he has Solahuddin Wahid as running mate, who is Gus Dur's younger brother, and supported by Golkar.

"This is a very big political machine, in addition to the support of other parties. Yudhoyono, on the other hand, is a very strong and popular figure, but with a very small political machine. The other hopefuls could be ignored, and Mega is still very strong," he said.

According to the one-time Diponegoro University rector, in the second round there will be another political party coalition. "The coalition will be of the losing political parties that have crystalized. Wiranto will be tightly competing in the second round.


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