Subject: Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring September 7, 2004

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Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring September 7, 2004

Timor Post

Community reported Police brutality to President Gusmão

The newspaper reports that the Office of President, Xanana Gusmão, said that a letter was recieved from the head of the village of Tebabui, sub-district of Bobonaro, about complaints over five PNTL members in that area. According to the newspaper report in the four-page letter, the leader of the community, Vicente da Cruz, said that four members of PNTL and their commander stationed in that area beat nine members of that village. Mr da Cruz described the incident in detail in the letter, and a copy was also sent to the National Parliament, to the National Police Commissioner, Paulo Martin, and the Minister of Interior, Rogério Lobato.

Meanwhile the Police Commissioner Paulo de Fatima Martins said, " If it is proven that those police officers have acted wrongly and violently against members of the community, strict measures will be taken against them." The incident was caused by a land dispute when members of Lora community occupied a piece of land that belongs to Tebabui on August 13.

Illegal Thai sugar smuggled from TL to West Timor

A Member of West Timor Local Parliament on Border Control and Civil Servant Investigation (PPNS), Agung Saptono, said that PPNS and the Border control office have discovered that the illegal sale of Thai sugar in West Timor were smuggled through Timor-Leste. According to the newspaper Mr Saptono said 1105 bags of Thai sugar had entered illegally through the districts of Soe, Kefamananu, Atambua, Betun and Belu. An investigation is being carried out, and is in process to find those responsible.

Minimal and slow development, says Tilman

The Secretary General of Klibut Oan Timor Asu'wain, Manuel Tilman, said that from what he has observed so far little development has taken place which has not changed or affected peoples lives in the country. Mr Tilman said that the changes are slowly happening and needs to accelerate a bit especially on the administration side. Mr Tilman said that many opportunities have been wasted during the emergency times and now we can see the impact on people?s lives in the interior(country side).

Health candidates sit for test

Today's edition of the newspaper reports that the Ministry of Health has opened new posts for Health Departments throughout the 13 Districts, and 285 candidates have sat for written test this week. The newspaper reports that the new staff will be posted in the Districts (regions 1 to 3) which include Oe-Cussi.

4,330 firms registered in TL, says Rangel

The Secretary of State for Commerce and Industry, Arlindo Rangel, said that 4,330 national and international firms have registered in Timor-Leste through his department. Mr Rangel said that if one counts other activities, like small kiosks and transportation, the number adds up to 7.303. Meanwhile the Vice-minister for Development and Environment, Abel Ximenes, said that Timorese entrepreneurs should not be afraid to compete with entrepreneurs from overseas operating in Timor-Leste. Mr Ximenes said that Timor-Leste as a country in the process of development cannot shut the doors of its economy to the outside world.


490 CAVR cases approved by Dili court

The Dili District Court Administrator, Malena de Piedade, said that the court had approved 490 cases of the 497 handed by CAVR.. According to the newspaper report Ms Piedade said that only 7 cases have not been approved due to the judges participation in the training at the Centre of Judicial Training, but will be approved as soon as the judges return to work.

Timor-Leste and Indonesia will open free zone

The National Police Commissioner, Paulo de Fatima Martins, said that both Timor-Leste and Indonesia would open a free zone of five kilometers between Timor-Leste and Indonesia at the border. (The newspaper does specify the purpose for the free zone). According to the newspaper the issue has been discussed by PNTL operations commander, POLRI and UNSF. The National Police Commissioner,

Paulo de Fatima Martins, said that the plans were also discussed and approved by the Indonesian Ambassador in Timor-Leste Ahmed Bey Sofwan. Mr Ambassador Sofwan said that he would bring together the Indonesian Border Commander and the PNTL Commander in order to strengthen the ties between the two countries.

Power given by the President

Today's edition of the newspaper reports that the ex-Falintil commander, Cornelio Gama (L7), said that during the veteran?s dialogue the President, Xanana Gusmão, during the dialogue gave powers to the Prime Minister, Dr Mari Alkatiri, the Minister of Interior, Rogerio Tiago Lobato, and the National Police Commissioner, Paulo de Fatima Martins. (The paper does not specify want kind of power was given).

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