Subject: Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring September 13, 2004

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Timor Leste International and Local Media Monitoring September 13, 2004

Timor Post

General Secretary Mari Alkatiri: "Some people provoke Fretilin to against each other"

Mr Alkatiri says some people provoke Fretilin to fight against each other, which is a big challenge for Fretilin, as some members have already forgotten past sacrifices. Many issues have arisen such as veterans and ex-combatant issues. He said that Fretilin could be dismissed from government if they are not united. He added that the members of Fretilin have to be careful regarding this issue and find a way to deal with such cases. To deal with this, members have to put in a lot of effort rather than dealing with private matters.

TL is asked to prevent illegal crossing

Timor Leste government has to prevent illegal crossing from East Timor to West Timor through the border with Bobonaro and Belu(Atambua) in order to respect the regulations of the Republic of Indonesia said Slamet Santoso, Immigration head in Atambua. He says cases of illegal crossing happen every month and we want the government of Timor Leste to prevent its population from crossing illegally. It stated that whoever wants to enter Indonesia via Atambua has to carry legal documents such as a passport. He added that international security is guaranteed if there is to be constructive cooperation between Indonesia and East Timor.

American businessmen delegation visit TL

American and Australian businessmen are visiting Timor Leste for 4 days. They were accompanied by the Vice minister of Environment Abel Ximenes and representative of NCBA (National Cooperative Business Association). The heads of the team are Scott Mc Martin and Christine Day. At the airport they were informed about economic development in Timor Leste, specifically in the private sectors and given an evaluation of NCBA in Timor Leste. During their visit, they are going to visit Coffee Cooperative Comoro, IOB (Institute of Business), Aileu to see coffee being grown and Maubisse to see the work of CCT.


Some people used government against L-7

Ex administrator of Baucau, Marito Reis stated that the government and political parties did not organize the population to make a demonstration but there are one or two people in the groups who like to use the government against Cornelio Gama, alias L-7. He says the last demonstration, which happened on September 6, could cause conflict to arise amongst members of the population. If the government had political maturity, then the demonstration would not have happened. He said the demonstration was a response to the dialogue in August regarding veterans issues, which was moderated by Xanana Gusmao. Mr. Gusmao said he would call Mr. Alkatiri and the Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Tiago Lobato to address L-7's case.

Australian government help Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health have been receiving assistance from the government of Australia for 3 years in development in the health sector through AusAID, said Margaret Twomey, Australian ambassador to TL. AusAID is also assisting in recruitment and training for 20 new dental nurses. AusAID has also rehabilitated 2 laboratories and some clinics and provided equipment for nurses for their services.

No radio communication for EDTL

Chef Electricity operator District Viquque, Romaldo Soares says radio communication, computers and transport are really needed in Viqueque to deliver their service. Consumers are now aware they have to pay their bills; however lack of equipment and materials hold back this service. These difficulties have been conveyed to the National EDTL but nothing has been done yet, although he expects they could be resolved soon.

Farmers in Bobonaro are discontented

District administrator Bobonaro said farmers are discontented because rice plants were destroyed by pests. There are 21,000 inhabitants in the sub district of Bobonaro who are now facing this problem. He says this could affect the livelihoods of the population because most of the population in that districts rely on farming. This could also affect RESPECT Projects in three sub districts for rehabilitating OPMT centers, road rehabilitation and rehabilitation of water system. In relation to the pests, there has been a meeting conducted with national and local leaders in order to respond to this matter.

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