Subject: Timor-Leste International and Local Media Monitoring September 14

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Timor Leste International and Local Media Monitoring September 14, 2004

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Create participative policy is not by forcing

PD(Democratic Party) spokesman, Mr. Rui Meneses says that a good policy to attract electors is not by forcing them to vote for a particular party but by letting the electors participate themselves. He also added that it is an internal problem of Fretilin if there are some people who provoke Fretilin to go against each other because it seems that opposition parties are always blamed for such problems. He said that opposition parties are playing their roles according to the constitutional mandate.

Yet No final conclusion, Yet KEVC asked to prolong

During one month KEVC(Eventual Commission of Veterans and Ex combatants) conducted a study on the subject of veterans and ex combatants. However, final conclusions have not been made, and therefore the commission is requesting an extension from the plenary. This was said by the KEVC president Mr. Joaquim dos Santos. The commission also called for a meeting with the President of Parliament, Mr. Francisco Guterres in order to discuss the commission role to be based on regulations issued by the parliament and report what has been undertaken by the commission.

Recruitment process of F-FDTL is on final selection

Recruitment process of new F-FDTL(East Timor Defense Force) is in its final phase, said the F-FDTL commissioner Mr. Maucalo. There are 5614 candidates and so far 1314 would be sitting on the final selection. The final selection consists of two sessions; firstly, all candidates must take an x -ray as part of the health test, and secondly there will be a team from Portugal (the team includes military doctors) coming to conduct the last test in the F-FDTL headquarters in Metinaro. The final test was expected to be on September 10 ?11, but it was extended because the team did not arrive on time.

Government should create employment

The government should create employment for young East Timorese who have finished their studies, said Ms. Quiteria da Costa, Chief of Union Democratic of Timor Leste (UDT) party. She says, generally the population regrets independence as they have not experienced development in this country, especially in education for their children, supply of clothes, stationery, medication, and electricity. Some young people who have finished their study are living jobless, she added. Ms. Quiteria also recommended that the government provide employment for those unemployed by letting foreign investors invest their funds in this country in order to minimize unemployment amongst the population.

Vitamin A is not the only nutrition substance

Vise Minister of Health Mr. Luis Maria Lobato said improving nutrition in Timor Leste will not happen only by weighing and giving babies vitamin A, but also providing them with nutritious meals. He also says to improve nutrition in Timor Leste, the Ministry of Health is currently working with related ministries, such as the Ministry of Agriculture to make a good plan for this program and the Ministry of Education to provide information for the community regarding nutrition.

Suara Timor Loro Sa'e (STL)

L-4: L-7 would not bring demonstrators to Dili

Coordinator of Sagrada Familia, Andre da Costa, alias L-4 said that L-7 also known as Cornelio Gama would not bring demonstrators from Baucau to Dili on September 17. This is the information he received from L-7 via phone when they had their last conversation. He also said that he does not know when L-7 would come down to Dili to talk about his case. Mr. Andre da Costa added that Mr. Cornelio and his group meant to come on September 3 but it was cancelled because there was a pro- government demonstration.

TNI-PNTL-BPU are cooperating

Commandant of Frontier Control Unit, Mr. Antonio da Cruz says that relations between PNTL (Timor Leste National Police) and the Indonesian National Army (TNI) are going well. Mr. Antonio says they are always in contact with each other to solve any problems that might happen along the border. Mr. Antonio also says that they are happy to do their duties even though the terrain is very difficult for them to patrol along the border.

Timor Leste to be strong then Veterans are to be respected

The President of the Christian Democratic Party, Mr. Antonio Ximenes says as a person from Baucau, that the government does not respect the veterans regarding Mr. Cornelio Gama or L-7?s case. If Timor Leste to be stabe, the government should take immediate action to resolve Mr. Cornelio?s case.

Electricity service is not going well in Same

The Electricity service in Same is not going well and this is assuming that the power supply might have been damaged or broken down says the District Administrator, Mr. Paulino Verdial. He added that consumers are ready to pay for the bill however it is just a matter of getting these machines or generators fixed. The National EDTL has been informed of this problem.

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