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Timor Leste International and Local Media Monitoring September 16, 2004

Timor Post

Government has to look after ex-combatants

Chief of Christian Democrat Party (PDC), Mr. Antonio Ximenes says, the current governance should look after those whose fought for the freedom of Timor Leste, because some of them have not experienced the development and freedom of this country. Apart from this, Mr. Aitahan Matak said that there are some things that the government of Timor Leste should consider, such as: forming of forestry officers, road rehabilitation and creation of employment.

Timor Leste should decrease illiteracy

Timor Leste should consider illiteracy in this young nation, and take immediate action to minimize illiteracy among the population, said The Prime Minister, Dr. Mari Alkatiri. The Prime Minister recommends to every parent to encourage their children to go to school even though they may have financial difficulties. In the same article The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, Mr. Armindo Maia noted that 50% of the population is illiterate.

Suara Timor Lorosae(STL)

PSD calls attention on Health Service

PSD(Social Democrat Party) calls attention to health services for residents situated along the border of Timor Leste and West Timor, in two villages: Kova and Leo Hito, Sub-district Lolotoe, the district of Maliana. A member of PSD, Mr. Joao Gonsalves, said that these residents were forced to travel across Atambua (West Timor) to access health services, and now they have to do the same, by traveling to the town of Maliana in order to be treated.

Fatuhada households reject 'prepaid'

Several households in Fatuhada (West-Dili) rejected prepaid installation in their houses. Mr. Ximenes, a resident described that the prepaid system is unaffordable and they would not be able to recharge when it went off. He also added unemployment is high which unable them to accept the installation of the prepaid system. In relation to this, Mr. Igidio de Jesus from Electricity, and Sanitation Department responded that it is compulsory for every household to use the prepaid system unless a conditional meter is being used and paid regularly.

Irrigation lands abandoned

There have been irrigation lands abandoned for 3-4 years, caused the damaged of water system, said Mr. Domingos da Silva, chief Aldeia (sub-village) Loro, in the district of Manufahi. Mr. Da Silva said that this area was once known as high quality producer of rice during the Indonesian occupation. Mr. Da Silva also added that this water system is expected to be repaired by the government allowing farmers to work on their rice fields.

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