Subject: ABC: Mossie disease experts to help E Timor

ABC Last Update: Wednesday, April 13, 2005. 9:47am (AEST) Mossie disease experts to help E Timor

Two Northern Territory-based dengue fever mosquito experts will fly to East Timor today to help stop a recent outbreak.

Twenty-four East Timorese have died from the disease and more than 400 have been hospitalised this year.

The Health Department's senior entomologist Peter Whelan says the two-day trip will be used to get basic information about how Timorese authorities tackle the virus.

"Just what methods they have for surveillance, to see if they have a surveillance program that we can offer some assistance with and their control programs, what equipment they might be using, what insecticides they might be using and actually what ... methods they'll be using," he said.

"So it's an evaluation trip to start with and to get some background information."

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