Subject: KY: UN to remain committed to support E. Timor, UNMISET chief says

Thursday April 21, 10:42 PM

U.N. to remain committed to support E. Timor, UNMISET chief says

(Kyodo) _ The head of the U.N. mission in East Timor (UNMISET), Sukehiro Hasegawa, said Thursday there is an indication U.N. members agreed in an ongoing discussion at the Security Council to have a new mission in East Timor after next month.

"There is an indication now from many countries that they support the continued special presence of the United Nations mission here in this country," Hasegawa told reporters after meeting with East Timor Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri in Dili.

Hasegawa said the new mission would be a political and security mission providing advisers to the administration.

But he said that 58 advisers already working for UNMISET would be reduced in number.

"The number may go down a little bit, but they all agree that the international community should continue support," he said.

The (members) also agreed to provide further assistance for police training, saying that although the police performance was improving there remains a need for assistance in specialized tasks.

On serious crimes, Hasegawa said the issue is very crucial for the country, adding the U.N. Commission of Experts would be releasing a report soon on its recent in-country assessment.

"They met with many people and victims of serious crimes committed and they are now putting their report together. And we expect to receive the report within the next two weeks. Of course, they have not indicated very clearly what the recommendations are. I think we will know in about two weeks."

Hasegawa also discussed with Alkatiri the three-day donors meeting to be held in Dili from Monday.

"We will be discussing in particular the new relationship, new direction in which the development partners and Timor Leste government can proceed...with emphasis in the sector development for education, health and other areas."

"So, this is very important to respond to the needs for the better of food security as well as health care. That's what we intend to discuss," he said.

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