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Daily Media Review

Saturday and Monday, 03 & 05 December 2005

National Media Reports

President Gusmao on political parties and seats and political/civic education to the community

Speaking at the international seminar regarding the role of political parties to consolidate peace at ex-UNAMET Headquarters, President Gusmão said that the leaders of political parties prefer to have seats at the National Parliament and pass criticism rather than upholding their responsibility to politically educate the community according to the policy of the parties, Diario Tempo reports. He added that political education is a basic fundamental of political parties with the interest of upholding democracy and peace within Timor-Leste where tolerance and respect of human rights are upheld. He further reminded the existing political parties (and the leaders) not to just approach the community when it is about campaign and election time. (TP, STL)

Ambassador Sofwan on militia infiltration

The local media reported on 05 Dec that in relation to the recent reports on the infiltration by former Halilintar militia members in Atabae sub-district of Bobonaro, Indonesian Ambassador Ahmed Bey Sofwan, confirmed there was no exchange of fire during the arrest of the three-militia members in aldeia Mota Rubu of Atabae sub-district. Meantime, the head of political and information unit, Leroy Siagian shared the statement of Ambassador Sofwan by confirming the report by the Indonesia security agencies saying that there was no gun contact during the arrest of the former three militia members. Siagian added that the three were arrested while visiting and eating with their family, STL reported. Ambassador Sofwan further added that the Indonesian government has been trying to cooperate with Timor-Leste; but "it is Timor-Leste who always claim various issues such that he does not know what Timor-Leste wants". Minister Jose Ramos Horta confirmed on a separate occasion that the incident did happen but he does not know clearly whether it has any political and criminal motive behind it. Minister Horta further stated that since Timor-Leste has arrested three members of the infiltrated militia, he would try to confirm with Interior Minister Lobato and PNTL Commissioner, Paulo Martins, to find out who are the people behind the militia's activity. (STLP p1)

Minister Horta on Great Sunrise Agreement with Australian government and militia infiltration

(STL p 1, TP 1)

Speaking to the media TL's Minister of Foreign Affairs José Ramos-Horta said although the negotiations on Timor Sea explorations have reached an agreement, Australia and Timor-Leste, continue to defend their maritime boundaries. "Following a long and difficult process, the technical team from Timor-Leste and Australia in the last three days managed to resolve the negotiations on the explorations in the area of the 'Greater Sunrise' in the Timor Sea," Ramos-Horta told the media last Friday. He said that the agreement of 50:50 would be signed by the two countries' Foreign Ministers in January 2006, noting that the maritime boundary negotiations have been delayed for at least 50 years. On the issue of the international convention of human rights, he said, "it is not clear regarding the exclusive economic zone". The Minister rejects accusations that the government has sold the sovereignty of this country, on the contrary it continues to defend it therefore the maritime boundary is still unresolved. Ramos-Horta added that if the opposition parties are really patriotic and receive the trust of the population in the 2007 elections to govern, then they could undo the negotiations.

Aderito de Jesus: Diplomacy of pragmatic politics

The people of Timor-Leste and the public around the world want to know the truth, therefore there is no one that can limit the publication of the CAVR report, said the Aderito de Jesus of Sahe Institution for Liberations. De Jesus reportedly said that the State sovereign like the National Parliament and the President of the Republic is obligated to pass information to the public, if not it is a political manipulation regarding the truth. According to Aderito de Jesus the politics of Timor-Leste with Indonesia is a pragmatic one, regarding the treaties starting right from the beginning. Timor-Leste diplomacy has forgotten the fundamental principles that led Timor-Leste to achieve its independence. He said the political decision has almost been an insult to the victims and the people who have fought for the truth, noting that Timor-Leste is going through a critical phase, which is the phase of dignity. "We cannot stand as a nation in the international context. Because it is not only our people having the right but all people of the world, when we speak about serious crimes, crimes against humanity which is not alone our responsibility but one of the international community," said De Jesus. He added that if the report of CAVR is not made public it would be a manipulation on the facts, the truth from the people. (TP p 1)

Interior Minister Lobato Appeals to CPD-RDTL Should Register

Speaking to the media last Friday, Minister of Interior Rogerio Tiago Lobato urged CPD-RDTL under the leadership of Antonio Aitahan Matak to register itself in order to obtain an identity as citizens since Timor-Leste has become an independent nation. Moreoever, Lobato said that if CPD-RDTL members have no ID card [as Timorese citizens], there should be a good political will from the part of CPD-RDTL to deal with such matter, adding that if there is any activity considered as disturbing the public order, and the community's security, the police as an agent of upholding law and order should intervene.

Meanwhile, CPD-RDTL General Coordinator Antonio Aitahan Matak argued that the issue of obtaining ID card has something to do with the hand-over of power from the United Nations [to Timor-Leste] based on resolution 1599, and the restoration of independence of Timor-Leste with all of its components. Aitahan Matak further argued that CPD-RDTL considers the current registration cards used by Timorese citizens continue to have the UN logo even though all the power have been handed-over to Timor-Leste as a sovereign nation, adding that the cards should be no longer be valid and there is a need to issue a new one with RDTL logo. "If Timor-Leste is an independent nation, it should have its own ID card and not using UN card as our identity. We, therefore, will continue not to accept it," Aitahan Matak said. (TP)

Two militia members of the recent infiltration held in preventive detention

It is reported that Dili District Court decided last Thursday that two militia members of the recent infiltration would be held in preventive detention pending further investigation.

The legal defender of the two militia members, Agosto dos Santos Marques told the media that the two crossed the border with the intention to visit their family. One of the militia members with the initial (HM) stated that he had crossed the border, and entered Timor-Leste almost five times before, but he was never arrested by the Police, and he questioned why he was arrested this time. The two militia members also confessed that their entering Timor-Leste was not to threaten the population but their intention was to look for sandalwood and betel nut and bring them for sale in Atambua, West Timor.

Moreover, the two militia members admitted that they were indeed involved in militia (Halilintar group) activities in the past because they were forced to do so by the [pro-integration] leaders. They also confessed that they killed one person in 1999 but they did not know his identity, adding that the killing was done against their will; they were ordered by the Halilintar Commander. (DT)

TVTL news Monitoring 02-12-2005

1. President Gusmao Political Parties not to split the population: Speaking at the two day International Seminar on the role of Civil Society in Consolidating Democracy and Peace, the President of the Republic, Xanana Gusmao reportedly asked all political parties not to set the people against each other. Instead, he said, the people should be educated to understand the process of national development of this country. Maria Gomes, a pastor from the Evangelical Protestant Church, agreed with the President added that political leaders of Timor-Leste should not use discriminative approaches, particularly discrimination based on religion.

2. Ramost Horta on CAVR's report: The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Jose Ramos Horta reportedly complained about some recommendations put forward by the Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation, CAVR, as absurd and that if the Government accepts such recommendations, the relationship with some countries might be affected.

3. US embassy delivers Mosquito nets: The Government of the United States of America, through its Embassy in Dili donated more than eight hundred mosquito nets to the people of Timor-Leste to prevent the spread of Dengue and Malaria among the children and Pregnant mothers. The distribution of the nets was started in Bucoli Village, Baucau. Speaking at the distribution ceremony, the US Ambassador, Joseph Rees reportedly praised the work of Health Ministry in combating malaria and thanked the UN for its efforts and assistance.

4. Former Militiamen sentenced: Two former militiamen from the Halilintar group, Zelito Maia and Helder Maia, were sentenced to preventive imprisonment for further investigation. Another, Salvador Borger was set free, allegedly for no affiliation with any militia groups and handed over to the Indonesian Embassy. The Vice Minister for Interior, Alcino Barris, reportedly told journalists that the three captured because of the information received from Community members.

National News Sources Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Seminario Lia Foun (LF) Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]

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