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Daily Media Review

Wednesday, 07 December 2005

National Media Reports

Lu Olo: 7 December has significant meaning for Timor-Leste

President of the National Parliament, Francisco Guterres or Lu Olo and MP Clementino Amaral reportedly told the media that December 7th is a significant day for Timor-Leste since it is the day when suffering began and many lives were lost after the Indonesian invasion in 1975. Lu Olo added that despite the loss, the December 7th invasion also brought courage to the Timorese people, who then stood up to defend Timor-Leste's independence which was declared on 28 November 1975. He further appealed to honour December 7 as a day of remembrance. (TP, STL)

PM Alkatiri: Not yet time for private sector to manage power supply

Considering the current situation where many people are still not paying for electricity, Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri has said it is necessary for the government to continue to invest in the power sector, as no investors are willing to do so, faced with the reality that many people are consuming power without paying. Speaking after participating in a seminar about the power sector held at the World Bank, Alkatiri reportedly said that only the government has the capacity to support this function. He said that the workshop was very important because Timor-Leste needs to develop an energy policy that will create appropriate electricity conditions to encourage foreign investors to invest in Timor-Leste. (TP)

Minister Horta: Atabae shooting not involving militia

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation José Ramos-Horta has said that the recent Atabae shooting was not between police and militia but between the police themselves, and that the female police officer who was injured was not shot by militia but by a fellow police officer. Speaking to journalists on Tuesday at the inauguration of the East Timor Development Agency's (ETDA) new offices in Comoro, Minister Horta said that he has heard that there were some ex-militia in the concerned area, but that they were not carrying guns as such, only air rifles for shooting birds. He said that he did not believe this incident would affect Timor-Leste-Indonesia relations. (TP, STL)

CAVR President: Timorese will accept CAVR report with maturity

Based on CAVR's experience while carrying out public meetings around the country, the Timorese people will accept the CAVR report with maturity, according to CAVR President Aniceto Guterres Lopes. Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, Guterres Lopes said that it is normal that there will be some people who will not be happy with the report, but he emphasised that, "this report has come from all people involved in the CAVR process, and the important thing is that the report is now going back to all the Timorese people". He said that it is now up to the President to disseminate the report to the community, and until that time the report will remain confidential. (TP)

30 People are diagnosed with HIV/AIDS

Based on the data released by the Ministry of Health, there are now 30 people who have tested positive for HIV ? the virus that causes AIDS. Secretary of the Health Ministry Feliciano da C. A. Pinto revealed to journalists during the opening of the national congress on HIV/AIDS prevention. "In order to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS in Timor-Leste, the Ministry of Health is now organizing a national congress on HIV/AIDS prevention where civil society, local and international NGOs are invited to disseminate factual information on HIV/AIDS to communities. These communities still do not know what HIV/AIDS is and how dangerous it can be,'' Feliciano Pinto said. (JNC)

TVTL News Monitoring

Energy Policy and Investment: After opening a seminar on energy policy at the World Bank office in Lecidere, Dili on Tuesday, the Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri told journalists that the current high cost of electricity in Timor-Leste might affect investors in investing here. Therefore, Alkatiri stated that there should be a national policy on energy to attract foreign investors. For this purpose, he said the Government is currently studying how to use other energy sources, such as solar and wind energies as alternatives.

Some Timorese Leaders are not Prepared: The President of CAVR, Aniceto Guterres told journalists in a press conference held at CAVR's office in Balide, Dili on Tuesday, that some Timorese Leaders are not prepared to accept the final report of the Commission because some recommendations do not correspond to the politics of the state. Guterres stated that he was confident that the people of Timor-Leste will accept the report with maturity and sensibility. Regarding whether or not to publish the report, Guterres said that it was the competency of the state to do so. But he expressed his confidence in the President of the Republic in neither closing nor censoring the Commission's report.

Project Draft of Veterans Law at NP: TVTL reported on Tuesday that the proposal to allow more participation from the people through consultations was rejected. Speaking to journalists after the voting, Chief of FRETILIN bench, Francisco Branco, told journalists that he did not vote in favour because the consultation was deemed unnecessary and that the timeframe set by the President of the Republic to implement the law is very short. Although he assumed there was sufficient time and that the consultation was important, the President of Commission A, Vicente Guterres, said that he respected the decision of the MPs.

A PNTL Officer Passed away: An officer of PNTL, Antonio Sigamau, passed away after suffering from a wound. Agent Sigamau was reportedly hit by a poisoned arrowhead, called "Rama Ambon" in the village of Lepo, in Zumalai ? Cova Lima about a year ago. The deceased was buried in Maliana, Bobonaro District on Monday. After the funeral ceremony of Agent Sigamau, the District PNTL Commander of Bobonaro, Antonino Mauluta reportedly told journalists that the late Sigamau was shot at by a member of the group CPD-RDTL at Lepo Village in Covalima.

Regional Media Reports

Arnis bronze medalist makes Timor Leste proud

She arrived in the Philippines without ever holding a pair of arnis sticks, let alone knowing what the sport was. She went home with a bronze medal, and the dreams and aspirations of a young nation fulfilled. In what is arguably one of the most inspiring stories of the 23rd Southeast Asian Games, a coachless, 21-year-old Elisabeth Yanti Almeida dos Santos was one of three athletes to win Timor Leste's first-ever medals in any international competition. What makes the feat more remarkable is the fact that prior to the SEAG, she did not even know arnis existed.

"We didn't know what type of sport arnis is. We were just told in Timor Leste that there was arnis, and they invited us. We do not have any training there. When we arrived, we trained for only two days. I never held an arnis stick before. I didn't even recognize it," Dos Santos, a blue belt in karatedo, told Standard Today through makeshift interpreter and fellow athlete Fernando de Costa.

A native of Ainaro, Dos Santos, whose prior experience in any sporting event was a runner-up finish in a national karatedo meet, was elated at her history-making third-place finish in the women's singles full contact 52 kg event. "I am proud of myself in taking part of the SEA Games. It's (just) a bronze but I am proud."

Carrying the hopes of the world's newest independent state, which was colonized by Portugal for more than four centuries, and occupied by Indonesia just nine days after gaining independence from the Iberian nation, Dos Santos was clearly overcome by a sense of pride after her stirring bronze-medal finish. "It is a pride for the country. (Timor Leste) is small, we don't get any medals, but bit-by-bit, we'll do better than this." A student from the Universidade da Paz in the capital Dili, Dos Santos felt right at home in the Philippines. "I know that the Filipinos are taking care of us. I like it here because first, we share the same religion, Catholicism. Second, I like to be here because the people are so polite to the athletes."

She hopes that her triumph, along with the bronze-medal finishes of Francisca Varela in the women's individual anyo, and Fortunato Soares in the men's singles full contact 71 kg event, will serve as an impetus for the sport's growth in their home country, which participated in only its second SEAG. "(My wish is) opening an arnis club in Timor Leste. We hope it will be supported by the Philippines," she said. Just like her, Varela and Soares have never played the sport. Varela was a taekwondo jin back home, while Soares was a boxer. The three of them trained with the Philippine team upon arriving from Dili.

With pride intact and a head held up high, Dos Santos leads the 33-strong East Timorese delegation back home with fond memories and stories to share, while teaching the entire region a thing or two about love for the game and love of country. (

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