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Daily Media Review Thursday, 27 January 2005

Mari Alkatiri: Assessing judges is not a political issue

Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri said on Wednesday that the recent assessment of judges, prosecutors and public defenders is not based on politics. He added that those who did not pass the training indicated that there is indeed a real need for training. “We Timorese are the ones who will build our country, but we should do it with quality and responsibility,” Alkatiri stressed. In addition, he said the Government is obliged to create conditions and provide opportunities for everyone to be trained in order to become a judge, [prosecutor and public defender]. (Timor Post)

President Xanana to present more than US $60,000 to Indonesia

President Xanana Gusmão and his delegation will depart for Jakarta today to present a contribution of over US $60,000, collected throughout the two week “Domin Operation” carried out by the citizens of Timor-Leste. The finale of the “Domin Operation” was marked last night with the auction of paintings donated by Timorese artists, held in Hotel Timor, Dili. Officially closing the ceremony, Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri thanked everyone for their solidarity towards the Tsunami victims, including Members of Government and the Diplomatic Corps, journalists, the business community and NGOs, adding that even though the amount being handed over to Indonesia was small, it would mean a lot to them. (Timor Post)

Tsunami impact: Nobel Peace Laureate calls for Aceh Peace

Bangkok, 26 January 2005 Timor-Leste’s Nobel laureate Bishop Carlos Ximenes Belo is appealing for peace to be given a chance in tsunami-hit Aceh as an Indonesian top-level team meets with Acehnese rebels later this week at talks in Finland. “We hope that this meeting can bring forth some solutions or some way to create peace and mutual understanding in Aceh”, said Bishop Belo, the Catholic Church’s former apostolic administrator of Timor-Leste’s capital Dili.

At a meeting with journalists on Tuesday, Bishop Belo added, “there is a movement to claim the independence of Aceh. The Indonesian people and the Acehnese should sit down, now, and through dialogue work this out. The chances for peace in Aceh are always there. It will take time for Timor-Leste it took 25 years. We have to have hope and perseverance”, said Bishop Belo. (IPS)

Alexandre Corte Real: Some cases are outstanding at Courts

Member of Parliament Alexandre Corte Real of Commission A in charge of Rights and Liberty Affairs said at the recent plenary session that some cases such as fighting between PNTL and F-FDTL members and others are still outstanding at courts, adding that no final decisions have been taken. In addition, Corte Real argued there is a need for the Head of Courts to address the Parliament to clarify the matter. (Timor Post)

Maria Paixão: Parliamentarians should know of their power

Representative of Social Democratic Party (PSD) Maria Paixão expects Parliamentarians to be aware of their power as has been enshrined in the Constitution. “We have now entered the year 2005. We should be aware of who we are. We are the people’s representatives and not of the Government. I appeal to all fellow members of Parliament to speak the truth”, Paixão explained during the Parliament’s plenary session on Tuesday.

Moreover, she said by citing an example that whenever people in [districts] complain that they are indeed facing hunger, the Parliamentarians are expected not to say the opposite, and defend Government’s policy. “When defending such policy at the Parliament, that means we are only defending our positions, and not of the people”. (STL)

Prime Minister: Poverty needs to be eradicated

Addressing the workshop of Global Environment Facility-Country Dialogue Initiative yesterday, Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri appealed to all components of the nation to pay serious attention to the poverty faced by Timor-Leste through developing a sustainable economy. One of the efforts to eradicate poverty, Alkatiri said, is to protect the environment because the two are very much related to each other. Alkatiri added that the concern over the environment is an important aspect in his administration, and therefore there is a department addressing the matter. (STL)

Businessman wins ace in campaign for Timor

27 January 2005 The organisers of an advertising campaign that ambushed the Australian Open to highlight disputed maritime boundaries in the Timor Sea have pledged to humiliate John Howard at public events to further their cause. Ian Melrose says that over the next three years he will spend $6 million on advertising campaigns and media stunts to embarrass the Prime Minister over the contentious issue of Australia’s claim on the lucrative oil and gas fields. The first of the businessman’s commercials aired on Monday, which says the Federal Government has stolen $2 billion in revenue from the East Timorese, caught television viewers by surprise. (SMH)

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