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Monday, 18 July 2005

President Gusmão Working Visit to USA

President Gusmão departed Timor-Leste on Sunday to the United States of America for a working visit, reported the media Monday. According to the media the President is scheduled to speak at a conference organized by the Organising Committee of the United Nations Global Associations Federation. Speaking to the media after the handing over ceremony of soccer equipment to the Timorese Soccer Federation on Friday, President Gusmão said, "that's correct I'm participating in this conference in the United Nations itself but organized by the international organizations where I'll speak about reconciliation and solutions for post conflict". President Gusmão is scheduled back in Dili on July 25. (STL, TP, DN, DP)

Police Officers Requires Extensive Training in Shooting: Lobato

Minister of Interior Rogério Lobato said PNTL officers requires extensive shooting training for security maintenance also because the ammunition cost is around $100 million to purchase. Lobato said the government has to buy ammunition every year in order to enable the police officers to practice shootings. "The security development is necessary to maintain stability in order for the investors to come to this country, otherwise we maintain the same," he added. (DN)

Provedor Presents Working Plan

The Provedor for Human Rights and Justice , Sebastião Ximenes and his deputies, on Friday presented their working plan to President Xanana Gusmão. According to Ximenes the meeting was part of the normal procedure and courtesy call on the Head of State after their swearing-in. (TP, STL)

National Parliament Delays Recess

The National Parliament voted on Friday to extend its session by another two weeks due to the time required to analyze important documents such the ones vetoed by the President of the Republic and approve important bills that have been pending for sometime now, STL reported Monday The Parliament was schedule to start recess on 16 July until September 15. (STL)

Human Rights Training for PNTL Officers

About 25 PNTL officers in Bobonaro-Maliana District participated in human rights training. The participants came from the sub-districts of Bobonaro, Balibó, Atabae, Kailako and Maliana. Rogério Vicente of the Rights Foundation said during two days, officers received training on human rights and the laws currently applicable in Timor-Leste. Vicente said his organization together with Fokupers would follow up the training by monitoring and discussion with PNTL officers in order to change the mentality of each individual according to their capacity in order for them to perform their work as trustees of the community. (TP)

Many Cadres Still Not Registered

It has been reported that many cadres of the resistance still have not registered due to lack of information. According to Diario Tempo the last registration for cadres of the resistance held for the area of Cristo Rei was too crowded and many people could not bear to stand in the queue till very late in the afternoon. The head of Cristo Rei sub-village said he is really concerned with the numbers of people that have not registered. He hoped a decision would be made on this matter. (DN)

Former Militias Holds Requiem Mass

The thirtieth anniversary of those who have given their lives for integration with Indonesia have been remembered by the former militias in Kupang, West Timor on Sunday with a requiem mass, reported STL quoting Antara news agency. West Timor police and military commanders stated that the reason for holding the anniversary in Kupang was to facilitate the provision of security. (STL)

Youth Sentenced to 4 Years Imprisonment

Dili District Tribunal sentenced a 17-year old boy on Friday for killing one of his best friend. He was originally sentenced to 15 years but judge Emiliano Nossolini dos Reis reduced it to 4 years stating that the youth had acknowledged the killing was not intentional. In another case the same judge also sentenced a man to 10 months community service rather than 6 months imprisonment for beating up a person during a land dispute in Comoro in May 2004, reported TP on Monday. (TP, DN)

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