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Tuesday, 19 July 2005

Military Police Assaults Youth

Laurentino Bernardo Guterres, a resident of Fatuhada was badly beaten by a F-FDTL military police officer on Monday and had to seek medical treatment in the national hospital, reported the media on Tuesday. According to Guterres, the problem started with the military police's son last Monday night during a brawl between youths of that area, who later told his father and identified him as one of the person involved in the fight. On Tuesday Captain Marcos Tilman together with a group of people including military police went to Guterres house and just as he was leaving to begin his work as taxi driver, the Captain grabbed him and starting beating him using the riffle butt. The military police then put him in the military vehicle then drove him to Caicoli District Police Station and he was put in a cell. As his condition deteriorated the police telephoned his family to take him to the hospital. Members of Parliament raised the issued at the National Parliament on Monday based on a letter sent by the victim's family. According to one of the relatives, Rozalina Marques Martins after the incident on 12 July, military police officers in uniforms and armed went to the same place. She added that the complaint was presented to Comoro police station but they were told that Dili District Police would solve the case. In the meantime the head of F-FDTL military police, Abel Xavier Belo said the problem was not between military police and the population but between Captain MT who was dressed in military uniform and a youth from Fatuhada area. He added that youths beat up Captain MT first although he is the superior commander of the military police. That is why he called for other members to arrest the youths and try to solve the problem in a friendly way. (TP, STL, DN)

Population Concerned with Group's Activities

The population in Liquiça is feeling uneasy with the request by the former Falintil member, Labarik Maia, to the local authorities to conduct some activities, which were not specified, reported the media on Tuesday. The group used RDTL's Government logo in their letter to Liquiça authorities, which according to MP Francisco Geronimo is illegal. The residents of that area have requested the Government to pay attention to this group. (STL, DN)

Parliament Commission to Follow Elections

President of the National Parliament, Francisco Lu'Olo Guterres said the Parliament does not have the jurisdiction to establish a commission to follow the sub-village Chief (Village Council) elections. During a plenary session of Parliament, he was asked to establish an independent commission to follow the elections, and he is now looking into the possibilities. (TP)

Final Report on Former Veterans

The Standing Committee on the Former Combatants and Falintil veterans has presented its final report to the President of the National Parliament yesterday, Monday. The President of the Commission, Joaquim Santos, said that once the MPs present the document as a proposed bill, the competent commission would hold an audience with the public. Meanwhile, Parliament's Commission C in charge of finance and economy, plans to hold socialization activities with the communities to inform about the latest laws passed on petrol, investments and on the budget to the community especially in 3 Districts where there is plenty of petroleum. (TP)

PNTL Training in Defusing Bomb

PNTL officers are receiving training from a Japanese NGO on how to defuse bombs, Minister of Interior Rogério Lobato told the media on Monday. Lobato also said it is also important for PNTL officers to undergo anti-terrorism training as terrorists groups are on the rise noting that it needs time and a highly specialized unit. (TP)

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