Subject: DVB: Timor leaders express support for Daw Suu but differ on way forward

democratic voice of burma saturday, march 5, 2005

timor leaders express support for daw suu but differ on way forward

mar 4, 2005 (dvb) - the president of east timor xanana gusmao and foreign minister dr. jose ramos horta during a recent visit to india, demanded the immediate release of burma's democracy leader daw aung san suu kyi.

both leaders sent their greetings to her and expressed their respect and admiration for her determination to leader the people of burma to freedom and devotion to democracy. "i known that it is a difficult time for you," the president said during an interview with dvb and he expressed his full support for her struggles and decisions.

"the imprisonment of daw aung san suu kyi, and not, only daw aung san suu kyi but of many other burmese, is going on for far too long. they imprison her for absolutely for no reason," said ramos horta. he w ent on to say he understands why the country's military junta, state peace and development council (spdc), is afraid of this physically tiny, but great leader.

but he made clear that he is against the sanctions imposed on burma by western countries. "the best way for myanmar is to drop the sanctions, open up the country. let tourists flock to myanmar. let foreign investments pour into myanmar," he said.

horta acknowledged that his idea might not be popular among his burmese friends and daw aung san suu kyi. he also hinted that the junta is not keen that east timor becomes a member of the association of south east asian nations (asean), but he expressed his willingness to have diplomatic ties with the junta to help solve political problems of burma.

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