Subject: UNMISET Daily Media Review 1 April 2005

UNMISET Daily Press Review

Compiled by the Public Information Office from national and international sources

Daily Media Review Friday, 1 April 2005

Election failure due to government intervention

Results from an investigation by the National Electoral Commission show that the failure of the village chief elections in Baucau district, where many voters could not vote because their names were not on the electoral roll, was due to local government intervention.

According to Commissioner Valentim Ximenes, the sub-district Administrators in Baucau district were instrumental in preventing people from taking part in the elections if their names were not on the roll, even if they were in possession of an electoral card. When the Electoral Commission attempted to allow these people to still take part, members of the local government would not allow them to do so. Ximenes said the Commission would consider requesting the courts to allow a repeat election. (Timor Post)

Provedor not to be used as a reconciliation symbol

The Director of East Timor People's Action, Cecilio Caminha Freitas, has asked the government not to use the Provedor for Justice and Human Rights, Sebastiao Diaz Ximenes, as a symbol of reconciliation. Ximenes was elected by a majority in Parliament on Tuesday to head the post.

Freitas said that he has doubts about Ximenes' future integrity and commitment in the position, considering his political background. The Provedor was formerly a campaigner against independence for Timor-Leste and a member of the Front for Democracy and Justice, a pro-autonomy organization. Freitas added that many people are unhappy with his election as the Provedor, even though the election itself was carried out democratically. (STL)

Brazil sends teachers to Timor-Leste

Forty-seven teachers from Brazil out of a total of 17-thousand candidates have been chosen to come to Timor-Leste to train teachers. The Program for Teacher Qualification and Portuguese Instruction was established through an agreement signed by the Brazilian Minister of Education, Tarso Genro, and his East Timorese counterpart, Armindo Maia.

The 12-month program will see Brazilian teachers train Timorese teachers to give lessons on Portuguese language as well as physics, mathematics, biology and chemistry in Portuguese. All the teachers are expected to arrive in Dili this weekend. (Brazzil Magazine)

American Marines depart Timor-Leste

The American doctors and nurses, who provided medical assistance to Timorese for four days this week, have departed Timor-Leste to return to north Sumatra, Indonesia, to provide medical aid to the local population there following the large earthquake that hit the region last Monday. (STL)

Timor-Leste's junior football team win cup

Timor-Leste's junior under-12's football team has once again won the Reverino Cup in Japan. After beating their opponents in five matches, Timor-Leste kept Thailand scoreless in the final, securing a 2-0 victory. The team's trainer, Mr Kim, from Korea, said that he was very proud that the team was able to defeat Thailand, considering that Timor-Leste's senior team lost 8-0 to Thailand in the Tiger Cup last year. He said that he was pleased that Timor-Leste's junior players have such good playing skills. (Timor Post)

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