Subject: LUSA: Kofi Annan proposes scaled-down UN mission from May 20

East Timor: Kofi Annan proposes scaled-down UN mission from May 20

Washington, April 24 (Lusa) - United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan reiterated on Monday his call for a continued UN presence in East Timor after the scheduled pullout of its mission May 20 and will propose the 12-month extension to the Security Council later this week.

In a report sent to the Security Council, Annan says the trimmed- down UN mission should comprise civil, police and military officials.

The Council meets Thursday in New York to debate the proposals from the UN chief, but not all of the permanent members of the body are believed to support his plans, arguing that future assistance to Dili should be the responsibility of specialized UN agencies.

Under the UN chief's proposals, seven advisers and "two to three" volunteers in each district would "supply technical and logistical advice" on electoral matters.

"Three political advisers would "monitor and report on the progress of the consolidation of democracy in Timor" and the scaled- down mission would also consist of 10 military liaison officials, as well as eight to 10 civil advisers to give technical assistance to the "development of state institutions".

The mission, which would also include a special political bureau to oversee the presidential and legislative polls next year, would be led by a resident coordinator to manage the gradual transfer of responsibility to Dili for its overseas aid donations.

Neither the costs of the projected mission nor those of its UNOTIL predecessor were mentioned by the secretary-general.

In his report, Annan also discussed the recent military crisis in Timor generated by the sacking of hundreds of troops in a dispute over poor conditions and biased promotion.

Little progress has been made towards resolving the tensions created by the firing of about 40% of Timor's fledgling defense force, noted Annan, describing the situation as a "disturbing development".



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