Subject: East Timor film wins rights award in Indonesia [+Police take over]

East Timor film wins rights award in Indonesia

JAKARTA, December 18 (AFP) -- A documentary on the life of East Timor President Xanana Gusmao has won the human rights award from Amnesty International at an Indonesian film festival.

"A Hero's Journey" won the "Movies That Matter Award" Sunday night at the Jakarta International Film Festival. The prize includes 5,000 euros (6,500 dollars) to help pay for distribution of the film in Indonesia.

The 80-minute documentary is narrated by Gusmao, who led East Timor's fight for independence from Indonesia.

"This movie is about forgiveness. I am glad that this kind of movie starts to get recognition," Singaporean director Grace Phan said when she received the award.

Retired Indonesian general Wiranto and former Indonesian foreign minister Ali Alatas met Gusmao Saturday at a special screening of the film which traces East Timor's bloody struggle for independence.

Gusmao said the film was not an attempt to "discredit Indonesia".

"What we want is to note the past, but we should look at the future and not the past," he said at the screening.

The Indonesian government has banned three other films on East Timor and one on Aceh from the Jakarta International Film Festival on the grounds they could "disturb security".

Media watchdog Reporters Without Borders had lambasted the move as "outdated censorship".

A Dutch documentary was also banned because it shows statements by one of the Bali bombers on death row for the 2002 attack.

"Promised Paradise" by Dutch filmmaker Leonard Retel Helmrich is a 70-minute documentary about the quest of Agus, a puppeteer, to meet the trio of bombers and discover what their motives were.

More than 200 films from over 35 countries were screened at the festival, which ended Sunday with Paul Verhoeven's World War II thriller "Black Book".

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