Subject: BBC Monitoring quotes from Indonesian press 24 Jan 05


The following is a selection of quotes from editorials and commentaries published in 23-24 January editions of Indonesian newspapers available to BBC Monitoring:

East Timor

Bandung's Pikiran Rakyat: "... It is difficult for [East Timorese President] Xanana and [Foreign Minister Ramos] Horta to stay away from Jakarta. Now what the two leaders, in particular Foreign Minister Horta, who stayed outside the country for a long time, must seriously prioritize is to create a true reconciliation. This will benefit not only Jakarta, but also the people of East Timor..." (Editorial) (24)

Jakarta's Sinar Harapan: "... If Dili stays away from Indonesia, East Timor will have no choice but be trapped in the influence of Australia... It seems that East Timor is trying to maintain the balance of relations with its two neighbouring countries. As a result, East Timor will take a stance which benefits Indonesia. It means Dili and Jakarta must cooperate so that the UN Security Council does not make any decision which corners Indonesia..." (Editorial) (23)

Papua: "Why did they go to Australia?"

Jakarta's Suara Pembaruan: "Last week we were shocked by the report that 43 Papuan people were missing in Australian waters... Is it true that they are seeking political asylum?.. Certainly the departure of the 43 Papuans has the potential to disturb relations between Indonesia and Australia... A good resolution will help us to maintain our good relations with Australia. Both Australia and Indonesia need each other in the Pacific region..." (Editorial) (23)

Islamic boarding schools

Semarang's Suara Merdeka: "... The stigma in the West that Islamic boarding schools have motivated their boarders [santri] to carry out terror can be resolved through dialogue between the government and Islamic boarding schools. Every side must help to correct the problem objectively by not cornering a certain institution, including Islamic boarding schools [pesantren]... The issue which is often linked with pesantren is the phenomena of fundamentalism, radicalism and extremism..." (Editorial) (23)

New head of armed forces

Jakarta's Suara Karya: "... Indeed, in this reform era where the Indonesian National Military Forces [TNI] no longer play a role in politics, the discourse about the appointment of the new chief should not be used as a political commodity. In this case, the requirement that the chief nomination should be approved by the House of Representatives must be revised..." (Soni Ardi, commentator, Jakarta) (24)

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