Subject: LUSA: CPLP says crisis a sterner test than earlier ones within bloc

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East Timor: CPLP says crisis a sterner test than earlier ones within bloc

Dili, July 4 (Lusa) - The head of the CPLP Lusophone bloc said Tuesday that East Timor's political crisis poses a "more difficult challenge" to the organization due to the new nation's geographical isolation and the determination of other governments to seek a role in resolving the emergency.

Luís Fonseca, executive-secretary of the CPLP (Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries), told Lusa in Lisbon there were key differences between recent political crises in Sao Tome and Principe and Guinea-Bissau, both members of the Lusophone club, and the violent turmoil that erupted in Timor in May.

"It's a problem of distance, but also of other international actors who have already expressed strong determination in playing a role, something that didn't happen in Sao Tome and Guinea", noted Fonseca.

Earlier the same day a top CPLP delegation began talks with Timorese leaders in search of ways the Lusophone bloc can aid in resolving the country's political deadlock.

The CPLP team, led by Sao Tome and Principe's foreign minister, Carlos Gustavo dos Anjos, met separately in Dili with Foreign and Defense Minister José Ramos, the caretaker government's "coordinator", and with Parliament Speaker Francisco Guterres.

Dos Anjos told Lusa the Lisbon-headquartered bloc and its members individually stood ready to help in "the areas the Timorese authorities consider opportune".

"We fundamentally wish to bring an embrace of solidarity and sympathy from the CPLP to the Timorese people and appeal for a solution to be found in peace", dos Anjos said of his mission that will remain in Dili through Thursday.



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