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Daily Media Review

Saturday 15, Monday 17 July 2006

National Media Reports

The Biggest Problem Is Reconciliation: President Gusmão

Speaking to the media following the swearing-in of the second constitutional government, President Gusmão reportedly said the new cabinet has a big task ahead of them and there will be various obstacles as the sovereign body would have to look into the difficulties that emerged in the past, stressing, reconciliation is one of the biggest problems even though Timor-Leste has had history of reconciliation experience. The President added it would be a burden requiring the efforts of everybody. He said, “reconciliation cannot achieve without the truth and the truth would be meaningless without justice”. Without further explaining how justice would be defended, Xanana Gusmão told the media he would like the new government to work harder on the economy of the country to progress on to the election in order to enable the people to elect who they trust can improve their living conditions, noting elections is the best option to resolve the crisis through pacific measures. He also reminded the new government about the continued suffering of the people, to create better conditions for the youths in terms of employment and the resolve the veterans situation. In reply to the demands by the National Front for Justice and Peace and some other groups for the dissolution of the Parliament and the Government, in relation with the recent crisis, President Gusmão said as Head of the State he has been putting all efforts not to touch the Constitution to avoid it as a practice in Timor-Leste in future and reiterated the new government continue to respect the structures of the Parliament. A total of 40 members of the second constitutional government participated in the swearing-in ceremony on Friday.

In a separate article, Andre L4, representing 300 former Falintil members asked Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Jose Ramos-Horta whether they would be classified as rebel or not since they assist the armed forces at the request of Brigadier General Taur Matan Ruak and F-FDTL Chief of Staff, Lieutenant Coronel Lere Anan to provide security and stability for the nation. (TP)

Members Of Old Cabinet Not Legitimate

MP João Gonçalves reportedly said the second government is not constitutional because its leadership remains more or less the same. According to Gonçalves, PSD sees no difference in the method used to select the new government as President Gusmão himself declared Fretilin party illegitimate for breaking the political party’s rules by a show of hands vote. He further said all the parties were not consulted on the new government noting it is a failure of the President of Republic and that’s the reason PSD did not participate in the swearing-in ceremony. In a separate article it is reported a meeting was held on Friday between President Gusmao, Prime Minister Ramos-Horta, Minister of Interior, Dili District Administrators, Heads of villagers and youth groups with the aim to secure peace and find a solution to persuade the IDP’s to return to their home. They discussed reconciliation and the probability of a justice process for the population to be able to forgive each other as a step to leave the camps as well as for the heads of villages together with community police and youths coordinators to provide vigilance for the people to live without disturbances specially at night.

On Saturday Timor Post reported a bus was attacked by unknown group travelling in a car (Kijang) with iron bars and light weapons in Lecidere. According to an eyewitness, name not provided, the bus, had stopped there for while and probably waiting for passengers to Baucau. The incident left the bus with broken rear and side windows and occurred at around 2pm. (TP)

Group Prepares For Extraordinary Congress

Fretilin’s Group for Change/Grupo Mudansa Fretilin (GMF) held a preliminary meeting on Saturday in Dili to prepare for the extraordinary congress. Members from 13 districts were present at the meeting. According to Vicente Maubocy, a member of GMF, the exact date for the extraordinary congress will be confirmed in two weeks. Maubody further stated the congress has the total support of the majority of the party. Another member of the group, Vitor da Costa emphasized the aim of the congress is to improve the image of Fretilin.

Aderito de Jesus, a member of the GMF reportedly said he is prepared to be one of the lawyers for Railos’s group noting there would be up to five lawyers working on Railos case. (TP, STL, DN)

New Government Can Stop The Crisis

The Bishop of Dili Diocese, Don Alberto Ricardo da Silva, reportedly said the new government can stop the crisis in the new nation. “Today (Friday 14/7) in the swearing-in of the new ministers of the new government we feel there is will to improve everything and move forward, to stop the big crisis which emerged in our country. As of today we have hope the new government would overcome the crisis of the nation,” Bishop Ricardo told the media Friday. The Bishop also added “we must continue to help each other to carry on the good work for our country. The church wants the truth and justice. If we follow on this I think it would be better. But if we leave out these two things then we have problems”.

RTTL news 14-07-06

President Xanana on sworn in ceremony

President of Republic Xanana Gusmão swore in members of new Government led by Jose Ramos Horta as new Prime Minister. Members of new Government that signed the document during the ceremony were 28 persons: 15 ministries, 9 vice ministries and 4 members of Secretary of State.

President Xanana after ceremony reportedly stated that the vandalism is evidence that there still many unhappy, socially jealous people because they have no jobs. The new government must hard work to face those obstacles. President Xanana also reportedly stated that reconciliation has become a big problem for the new government. Xanana also added that there will be no reconciliation without truth and no truth without justice.

First meeting of Council Ministries

After the ceremony PM Jose Ramos Horta immediately organized first meeting of the council of ministries. It is reported that the 1st meeting of new government discussed the fiscal year 2006-7. The C o M will send documents to National Parliament by this week for approval.

Opposition leaders concern about New Government

Members of opposition parties who attended the ceremony of the members of new government reportedly made comments on the formation of new government. PST leader, Pedro da Costa said he has hope that the structure of new government will do their t jobs to solve the crises. Mr. Costa continues that he believes the members of new government will cover the crises. Meanwhile the KOTA representative in NP, Clementino Amaral said that the members of the new Government who also were members of previous government should separate the interest of political party and the interest of Government.

Minister of Interior recognizes that civilian have weapons

After the ceremony the Minister of Interior, Alcino Barris reportedly told journalist that he recognizes that there are civilian who carrying weapons without permission. He added that those civilian who carrying weapons illegally have to handover weapons to international forces.

Soccer stadium become transit centre for IDPs

Santina member of woman networking (Rede Feto) reportedly said that Rede Feto is working together with UNHCR to prepare the soccer stadium to become transit centre for IDPs. The objective is to prepare the transit centre because there are many peoples who could not return home because their home has burnt and don’t have security for their return. Santina also added that this initiative to prepare transit centre is to give opportunity for Government to prepare the condition before they return home.

International Media Reports

Have a cuppa to raise funds for East Timor

Sunday, 16 July 2006

BALLARAT'S biggest morning tea raising funds for East Timor emergency relief was launched on Friday at Bunnings Warehouse. Tea For Timor!, to be held on Thursday, is a way for businesses to help support families left homeless after the recent crisis in East Timor. Ballarat Friends of Ainaro Community Committee chairman Des Hudson said thousands of East Timorese families had their homes destroyed or been forced into refugee camps "Many people are struggling to get access to basic necessities, so assistance is urgently needed," he said. "Community members can enjoy morning tea on Thursday by getting together as a work place or social group, and putting money into a donation bucket." Bunnings Warehouse has donated 70 buckets for Tea for Timor! donations. Bunnings complex manager Justin Catley said it was a cause to definitely "jump on board with". `'Many businesses are getting involved, so we have donated the buckets and will hold a morning tea," he said. Collection packs are available by contacting Chris Bluett on 5336 6625 and Coral Hiscock on 5336 6614. (The Courier)

National News Sources Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Seminario Lia Foun (LF) Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]

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