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Daily Media Review

Friday, 28 July 2006

National Media Reports

Alfredo’s Detention Orchestrated: Lawyer

GNR Accused Of Orchestrating Alfredo Arrest +Australian Troops Not Consistent With Alfredo’s Group, Alfredo Supporters Asks GNR to Withdraw From TL

According to Alfredo’s lawyer Benevides Correia Barros, the arrest of Major Alfredo was political maneuver because Alfredo had already informed the Prosecutor General, Longuinhos Monteiro and the Australian troops that they had weapons and were ready to hand them over. “Before they handed in the weapons to the international troops, GNR and the Australian troops had already ambushed Alfredo place” said Barros. STL reported that Alfredo and his members will be detained by the international forces at the Police District Headquarters for 30 days for further investigation.

In a separate article, MP Leandro Isac told the media that he disagrees with the detention of Alfredo by the international troops who because they are not consistent with the law. “You took all the weapons in Maubisse in front of all the media, then you brought him to Dili and now capture him again” said Isac. According to Isac the International troops are not applying the rule of law correctly “

TP reports that Alfredo supporters are asking (Guarda Nacional da Republica) GNR to withdraw from Timor-Leste because the capture of Alfredo was not based on legal procedure. A member of the supporters, Apolonario dos Santos told the media that “ We ask Australian Police and Malaysian to stay in their barracks and let GNR patrol Dili so we can confront them” They also demand the release of Alfredo and his followers. A representative of the supporters in charge of the protest, Carmona Soares said Alfredo must be released or they will continue the protest and call for more supporters from the 10 districts. Soares said the international forces of Australia should not capture Alfredo as he has the right to carry weapons because he is a military man. He added those that should be detained are the civilians in possession of weapons like a person called Maukiak who he claims shot dead members of the police in front of the Public Ministry. Carmona Soares warned that if Alfredo is not released there would be more violence and burnings in Dili. Carmona’s group also wants the GNR to be neutral and stop the detention of youths who have become victims of the conflict, adding the group is prepared to die if Alfredo is not released. (STL, TP, DN)

Australia Embassy Helps TL Youths

The Australian Government has donated a total over US$76,000 for Timor-Leste through the Direct Aid Project (DAP) for the fiscal year 2006/2007. According to a press release from the Australian Embassy in Timor-Leste, the funds were allocated for projects concentrated in the districts namely Manatuto, Baucau, Viqueque, Ermera, Liquiça and Dili in the areas of rehabilitation of libraries, new roads, access to clean water, furniture for the orphanages and community training in the in agriculture. Through this project, US$2, 490 has been allocated for programs in the IDPs center to train around 100 youths aged between 5-18 by 6 workers in the camps. The Australian embassy DAP began in 2000 with the aim of improving the living conditions of the less privileged. (DN)

RTTL news headlines 27-07-2006

Demonstration by the youth for Justice and Peace

More than 100 youths demonstrated to express their support and solidarity with Major Alfredo Reinado who underwent hearing process at the detention centre of the International Forces in Caicoli, Dili on Thursday. Speaking to journalists, the coordinator for the Youth for Justice and Peace who held the demonstration, Edinho do Rego stated that his group continues to demand the trial of the former PM Mari Alkatiri and his group. If Reinado was not released, RTTL reported, there would be a bigger demonstration against the government. The group also reportedly called for the withdrawal of the Portuguese paramilitary, National Republican Guard, GNR, from Timor-Leste.

MP Maia rejects Labadaen’s allegations

FRETILIN parliamentarian from Ermera district, Jacinto Maia who was alleged by Labadaen as having been involved in the distribution of weapons in Ermera, has reportedly rejected the claims and stated that he was prepared to testify anywhere against these allegations. Labadaen reportedly made these allegations against Maia on Wednesday when he turned in 2 HK 33 weapons to President Gusmao at his residence in Balibar.

Dili District Court back to normal

Despite having lost some of its equipment, the Dili district court has resumed its work and has begun to function normally, RTTL reported. Speaking to journalists, the Dili district court coordinator Helder do Carmo stated that the court was now in normal functioning and has even dispatched some judges and lawyers to other district courts.

International Media Reports

No new police from NZ 28 July

New Zealand will not send more police to East Timor, despite the East Timorese Prime Minister's call for more international help with security in the troubled nation. At the ASEAN talks in Kuala Lumpur, Jose Ramos Horta said he has asked the United Nations for 800 more international police, with a commitment of up to five years.

A spokesperson for Police Minister Annette King says New Zealand made its contribution to East Timor early this month when 25 New Zealand police were sent to work in the Becora district of Dili.

She says there are no plans to send any more officers. More then 160 Defence Force staff are also currently serving in East Timor.

Alfredo faces five years

28 July

Herald Sun EAST Timorese rebel leader Alfredo Reinado faces at least five years in jail after being charged with multiple criminal offences including attempted murder, his lawyer said today. Prosecutors yesterday charged Major Reinado with offences including attempted murder, embezzlement of military outfits and theft, his lawyer Benevidos Barros said. "The punishment could be more than five years due to the multiple counts," Mr Barros told AFP without giving further details. Australian-led international peacekeepers on Tuesday detained Major Reinado and 20 other individuals for possessing nine hand guns allegedly seized at their location. Major Reinado led a rebel group of military police to Maubisse, south of Dili, amid an outbreak of violence in May. The violence involved fighting between rival security force factions and ethnic gangs. The unrest had its origins in the March sacking of about 600 soldiers, who had deserted their barracks complaining of discrimination. East Timor's president Xanana Gusmao has defended Major Reinado in the past, saying that the rebel leader had taken his men into the mountains to avoid conflict.

Malaysians to help rebuild Timor Leste

28 July 2006

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia will send experts to help Timor Leste draw up a strategic plan to develop the conflict-ridden country. Timor Leste president Jose Ramos-Horta said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, whom he met early yesterday morning, had responded immediately to his request for Malaysia’s assistance in rebuilding the country. “I am happy Abdullah agreed immediately; very soon we will have a multi-sector team from Malaysia helping to devise our strategic plan,” he said. “Malaysia will help us establish a strategic planning group comprising experts in economic, finance and other disciplines to advise my Government on immediate and long-term development,” Ramos-Horta told reporters on the sidelines of the post-ministerial conferences at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. He said Timor Leste also required skills and experience besides financial assistance. Ramos-Horta said Malaysia’s quick reaction to its request was significant as the host of the grouping and the Asean Regional Forum, as well as chair of the Non-Aligned Movement. “At the moment, troops and police from Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and Portugal are on the ground. I hope others like Thailand and the Philippines will also contribute to the next United Nations mission,” he added. Ramos-Horta said the UN Security Council would hold a meeting soon to review the report by the special envoy of the UN Secretary-General to Timor Leste, Ian Martin, in which Timor Leste asked for at least 800 international police personnel, apart from civilian advisers and peacekeepers. “There is consensus in the Security Council to authorise the deployment of a strong police force as well as many civilian advisers for a wide range of sectors. There is no agreement yet on deployment of peacekeepers,” he said. The country would push for a five-year mission to help stabilise and rebuild the country, he said, adding that it had been a mistake on the part of the Security Council to deploy a two-year mission in 1999. He also urged Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand and Portugal not to be in haste to send their troops and police force home. He said he hoped they would stay on until the Security Council agreed on a new mission. (The Staronline)

National News Sources Timor Post (TP) Radio Timor-Leste (RTL) Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) Diario Tempo (DT) Diario Nacional Seminario Lia Foun (LF) Televisaun Timor-Leste [TVTL]

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