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Daily Media Review Monday, 12 June 2006

National Media Reports

Fretilin did not distribute and does not have weapons: Guterres

Fretilin does not have weapons and did not distribute any to its delegates or sympathizers to kill other people as Fretilin fought to liberate the country, which is now independent and no longer needs weapons, Francisco Lu’Olo Guterres, Fretilin President reportedly told the media during a press conference on Sunday. Referring to reports of allegations by an Indonesian commander called Railos, that Prime Minister Alkatiri distributed guns, Guterres reiterated it is nothing more than propaganda and Alkatiri himself had restated he did not distribute guns. He added that if a member of Fretilin is in possession of any weapons they should handed in to the competent authorities. The President of Fretilin stressed he believes a third person is involved in the accusations against his party noting “this is the type of game with the objective to accuse Fretilin and its Secretary-General.” On the planned protest by Fretilin members in support of the Prime Minister, Lu’Olo said, “we have not yet decided. We continue to be tolerant and are not doing anything because we don’t want to resort to violence to resolve another violence”. According to Suara Timor Lorosae (STL) in a written statement, Guterres said his party continues to strengthen the national unity from the oceans of both sides of the island, from east to west as there is only one people, the Timorese people who fought in various fronts clandestine, army and diplomatic fronts to restore independence on May 20 2002. He pointed out that his party is the strongest political party, knows responsibility and has the duty to plant and nourish democracy according to the Constitution, adding according to political legislation, Fretilin has the power to choose its leadership and asks the other political parties to respect Fretilin’s decision. Francisco Guterres appeals to members of the his party not to fall to the traps or manipulation of other people that want the collapse of the government through the petitioners, protest and various maneuvers which do not follow the Constitution. (STL)

Xanana, Alkatiri and MPs must be jailed: Manuel Tilman

Member of Parliament, Manuel Tilman (KOTA) reportedly said some civilians are now in possession of guns to kill people because the President of the Republic, Prime Minister and Members of the Parliament do not know how to administer the independent nation. Therefore they should be imprisonment. “Some people are in possession of State owned guns which have been bought with our money to kill our own people and certainly it shows there is something wrong here. Maybe the Constitution is not correct or maybe the leaders are teasing each because I’m certain the population is not at fault. We are accusing the people as thieves and therefore they should be jailed but I think that is wrong, as those that should be jailed are the Prime Minister, President of the Republic and Members of the Parliament. Tilman is of the opinion that Timorese intellectuals should sit together and discuss the best solution for the present problem. He added the President, Prime Minister and Speaker of the Parliament should have the power to administer the country. Manuel Tilman said they have scheduled a meeting for intellectuals which he is part of, to 16-17 June in Maubisse but it might not happen, due to the current situation as many people are too scared to travel long distances, adding they might change the venue to Dili or Dare. (STL)

Timor-Leste economic crisis worse than Iraq

In a separate article, Manuel Tilman said although Timor-Leste has joined the United Nations, the economic crisis is worst off now than in Iraq as there are no police and the roads that once used to be one way are being ignored. Tilman said being an independent nation with the four main pillars, the President of the Republic, the Government, the Parliament and the Courts all seems to be normal but in reality it is completely different. “People burnt the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Justice and it seems the government continues to exist. But the ministries feel that the Ministry of Justice is not part the government, the Ministry of Agriculture is not part of the government. We don’t know if there is a Prime Minister in this nation and if there is what will he do? If there is a parliament or not what are they approving, that proves that it does not exist and if it still exists it represents the nation, represents the people, why are still people dying. The Parliament is not functioning. Do they feel that it still functioning?” asked Tilman. He said the country is in total confusion adding that it was once highly admired and became a member of the United Nations but nowadays it is worst of than Iraq, adding the Parliament must address the suffering of the people currently in the country rather than keeping on delaying, reported STL Monday. (STL)

We want dialogue: Alfredo

Major Alfredo Reinado stated his group wants to hold a dialogue with the Timorese intellectuals to put together ideas on how to find a solution for the leaders to resolve the recent problems. “Our wish is to support the process through a dialogue which we intend to invite our friends/compatriots from the east and west including all the intellectual in the country,” Reinado said. Reinado stressed the dialogue would be important for them to find a solution, to give support to the President of the Republic, Xanana Gusmão, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Jose Ramos-Horta and the Bishops to help find a solution to the problem to avoid further loss of lives and suffering and to guarantee the population presently displaced to return to their homes. He expressed hope that the dialogue should have participants from the civil society including youths and participants should not be seen as east and west, a differential terminology use by certain people to divide Timor-Leste resulting in many deaths and turning youths into criminals. He says there must be justice for those responsible for crimes resulting in loss of lives. (STL)

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